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Originally Posted by warrenpchi View Post

So much to post!  But before I get to all that, I just have to say to Ethan (third_eye):



Back at you bro. Thanks for all of your work and help with this!! 

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Had a great time. Always enjoy talking to Jason, Mike, Marv, Jude, and Tyll; always learn a lot from those conversations.

For a confirmed "non-tube guy," the Studio Six was an eye-opener.

Magni/Modi are shockingly good at the price.

Happy to give so many folks their first chances to hear the Hilo, the Concero/Gilmore Lite combo, and the TH 600.

When the biggest problem at a meet is that it's really crowded, that says something. Well done, Warren and Ethan.
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Thanks for the help guys - talking to Dean now.

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Originally Posted by Watermutt View Post

Very thankful to everyone who assisted in putting on the Head-fi meet!  It was a very positive 1st  time experience.

I only had 2 1/2 hrs to experience a few  headphones and amps while trying to listen and learn.  Would have loved to be able to stay the day.  I was with a good friend and she enjoyed herself as well.

I spoke with the following patient folks who made the adventure worth-the while!:


Dan Clark at the Mad-dog table.  1st pair I listened to.   I meant to go back and try them again.  I enjoyed them, especially in regards to their price.


The gentleman at the Ultimate Ears table was very informative. Thought I would try the headphones first then go back to him to try the UE stuff, just couldn't..


The Audeze table was great.  I could hear the difference between the LCD2 and LCD3...both were amazing yet the LCD3 seemed to have tighter bass.  Alex (Alexander Rosson? not sure if this was his name) explained that the lighter membrane of the LCD3 allowed it to react to the signal more accurately.


Michael Mercer demo'd a Mytek Stereo 192  DAC> ALO Studio 6 amp and had a Senn HD-800 andLCD3 headphones.  I think I spent 1/2+ hr talking and A/B the two cans using identical cables with his setup.  He was very helpful and great to talk with.    He's very passionate about the audio profession. It was great listening to him.  I heard the wide soundstage of the HD800 yet seemed to enjoy LCD3 more.  It seemed to be abit more intense and engaging.  My first deliberate comparison for both headphones.


Ethan demo'd a Grace Design m903>DNA Stratus 2A3 along with HD800 and the HiFiman  HE-500.  I learned that with a higher resolution song, the HD800 started to sound more  engaging.  I think I liked the HE-500 best prior to listening to the higher rez music.  Ethan made it easy to A/B the cans.  I also got to compare the solid state Grace with the tube sound of the DNA Stratus.  The Grace was nice but flat compared to the DNA: it had a very different presentation.   I was at this table for quite awhile.


I met Donald North for 30 seconds...not long enough to say much.  I meant to spend some time at the Eddie Current table but time wouldn't allow it.  


For a red hot minute I listened to the DIY 300b amp on a LCD2.  Sounded good but I was too rushed.  I believe I spoke with Randy (Sceleratus.)  He was like everyone else I met at the meet, very friendly and full of info.  


I wanted to spend time at the tables with the Denon, the Grado's,  the Stax, the Cavalli, the Blue Hawaii, the WooWoo audio, the Koss, the Kingsound Electric,  and so forth.  

Again, I'm grateful for the opportunity to learn through experiencing some equipment.  Reading reviews can be helpful but only up to a point (obviously!)


I guess the next big opportunity to experience this much equipment is going to be at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in October?   It's a 14-15 hr drive..dunno if that's going to happen!  I'm not ready to purchase a set of cans or amp yet but I'm sure getting hungry!!  

Thanks so very much for the kind words!!!!

It was a BLAST for me too!!


official report comin - Proud to actually take part on the meet, bring

some gear, listen with friends, just first class fun...


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Who was the asian gentlemen wearing a striped polo that lives in San Francisco? I never knew your name and was wondering what amp was it you recommended for the 800s that was for 1299

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so just to confirm, does anyone remember was it a he6 or he500 in the headamp booth??

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Originally Posted by uro2 View Post

so just to confirm, does anyone remember was it a he6 or he500 in the headamp booth??

he-6, hence why you noticed it wasn't driven properly :p

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Warning: this is going to be one of my epic multi-quoted posts.  IOW, it might be a lot of TL;DR - though I hope you do.



Originally Posted by third_eye View Post

Back at you bro. Thanks for all of your work and help with this!! 


Of course!  And tomorrow, we start planning the next meet!  wink.gif  Except this time, we'll kind of know what we're doing!  biggrin.gif


For those of you who don't know, this was the first meet that Ethan has ever organized.  So, the fact that the day went as well as it did, says volumes about the stellar job that he did!


At one point, we were even worried as to whether enough people would come.  LOL!  biggrin.gif  Knowing what we know now, we should have made a lot more badges... and brought much more holders/lanyards/etc.


But let's not forget that - without Ethan - the meet would never have happened!  Cheers Ethan




Second, thanks to everyone who helped out.  To itshot, dichtert, morserotin, shioriskine, weirdfishes, hifiguy528, mikemercer:  thanks so much for manning the registration table to make sure everyone got in smoothly... especially itshot who went way above and beyond the call of duty.  Thanks guys!




Originally Posted by Sam Edwards View Post

Thanks everybody. I had a great time. The EU Capitol records edition blew me away.


Originally Posted by dallan View Post

Thanks Third eye and the organizers, really a wonderful meet.


Originally Posted by fuzzybaffy View Post

Thank you to all the folks who put this together.


Originally Posted by Kamakahah View Post

Had such a good time. Thanks to all those that made the meet possible. All your hard work really showed.


Originally Posted by HK_sends View Post

Thanks to third_eye and all the folks who worked so hard to set things up.


Originally Posted by jrb View Post

Thanks for organizing the meet


Originally Posted by Silent One View Post

CHEERS to warrenpchi who worked very hard to bring organization to this meet, as well as others!


Originally Posted by Insidious Meme View Post

Beautiful job to third eye and the rest of the organizers on a great meet.


Originally Posted by Tyll Hertsens View Post

Had a great time!!!  Huge thanks to Ethan and Warren!!


Originally Posted by livewire View Post

I want to thank third_eye and Warren for all their hard work. Job well done!


Originally Posted by hlcc1024 View Post

Really enjoyed the event and having a chance to share the Denon Headphones with everyone! ~The Chick From Denon Table


Originally Posted by gilency View Post

And many thanks to the organizers for such a wonderful job.


Originally Posted by n3rdling View Post

Thanks third_eye/warren for putting this together.


Originally Posted by jeffreyfranz View Post

Thank you, everyone who organized and helped.


Originally Posted by dsound View Post

Also a big thanks to Third Eye + Warren (et.all) for all your efforts that day!


Originally Posted by sceleratus View Post

It took a huge effort and commitment to pull that off. It was a joy to attend. I was overwhelmed.  Many thanks.


Originally Posted by Watermutt View Post

Very thankful to everyone who assisted in putting on the Head-fi meet!


Originally Posted by mbritt View Post

Thanks to the organizers and the vendors and to everyone who brought their gear.


Originally Posted by morserotonin View Post

thanks every one for a great meet.  Especially Ethan and Warren  for all the hard work...


Originally Posted by burnspbesq View Post

When the biggest problem at a meet is that it's really crowded, that says something. Well done, Warren and Ethan.


Originally Posted by billybob_jcv View Post

Awesome job everyone!!

Thanks for the kind words!  redface.gif  And you guys are totally welcome... not to mention the entire reason for why we wanted to do it!


Would you guys be up for another one sometime soon?



Originally Posted by nhlducks35 View Post

Here are some pics I took on Flickr


Whoa, those look great!  Almost embarrassed to post mine now, but what the hay...




























*Russtafarian, again, so sorry we misplaced your table placard!  frown.gif



Originally Posted by Netforce View Post

I snagged myself a nice headfi glass :)


Originally Posted by Yakutsk View Post

Also thanks to dsound for making those nice Head-fi cups, going to enjoy my drinks even more while I use listen to music.


Originally Posted by dsound View Post


I'm glad you guys liked the glasses and the Lismore!  Next year I guess i need to bring a keg of it blink.gif


Me too!  smile.gif  Those turned out really nice! 



I grabbed mine first chance I got in the morning.  And thanks so much for bringing the Lismore.  I had wanted to at least bring some Talisker 10... but in the days before, time was running short and I had the hardest time trying to find a bottle near me.



Originally Posted by Tyll Hertsens View Post


Loved the AT Leather heads someone had.


What a great start to my vacation. I'll check back in on the thread in a week.


Yes, those were pretty - and pretty good sounding!  Just look at this sexiness (not Tyll, the headphones and the rig):



Happy vacation!  smile.gif  Gimme a call - or shoot me an email afterward - got lots to talk about.


Originally Posted by billybob_jcv View Post

We all joke about our wallets on head-fi, but seeing pictures of cool rigs is NOTHING compared to actually hearing the rigs. Now I really, really need a planar + tube rig!!

Popped your meet cherry!  Would you to see you join the Stax Mafia!  tongue.gif


Originally Posted by sceleratus View Post

I must make a public appology to Tyll for continually screwing up the pronunciation of his name. It was some sort of stupid mental block that it always came out wrong. Tyll thank you for taking the time to audition my amp. I know you were pulled in 10 directions.


LOL, he's on vacation now... so I'm pretty sure he's forgotten all about it!  biggrin.gif


Originally Posted by mackat View Post

Looks like it was an amazing meet! Sorry I couldn't come, something came up last minute. I'll be at the next one though for sure!


Made a badge for you and everything... redface.gif


Originally Posted by mrbig View Post

I bet these two went furniture shopping together and walked their dogs after that man-hug.


Nope, but post-meet activities are fun!  A bunch of us did some more listening up in our rooms last night, ate, drank, talked... did more of that today, and took a field trip to a used CD/vinyl store.



Originally Posted by Gilly87 View Post


Does anyone have a map of the layout?


Here ya go!






And finally, thanks to everyone who came out Saturday!  smile.gif  You guys absolutely make the meets.  Srsly and literally!

Home of the Liquid Carbon, Liquid Crimson, Liquid Glass, Liquid Gold and
Liquid Lightning headphone amplifiers... and the upcoming Liquid Spark!

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No one has mentioned the other fun part of the meet - seeing all the wacky stuff some of you guys had in your play lists. Michael Jackson? Really? tongue.gif
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Originally Posted by billybob_jcv View Post

No one has mentioned the other fun part of the meet - seeing all the wacky stuff some of you guys had in your play lists. Michael Jackson? Really? tongue.gif


LOL!  biggrin.gif  For the record, and in my own defense, none of the sources at my table were mine.  They were generously contributed by HiFiGuy528 and morserotonin respectively.  smile.gif

Home of the Liquid Carbon, Liquid Crimson, Liquid Glass, Liquid Gold and
Liquid Lightning headphone amplifiers... and the upcoming Liquid Spark!

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First meet, and it was amazing. Actually listening to all of the gear out there was eye (and ear) opening. Thanks for everyone who made it possible!

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Nothing wrong with MJ. I brought in a couple of MJ tracks of my own; his records are produced incredibly well.

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Originally Posted by gilency View Post



Truly sorry I did not meet Livewire since he also helped me with the KGSSHV built.




Ditto on that!


I was really looking forward to meeting you and auditioning the SR-009 strapped to your KGSSHV.

Seemed every time I was near your table, you were elsewhere. That's how it goes sometimes. frown.gif

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Great meet, lots of epic gear. One setup that I kept going back to was mike1127's modded Woo WA6-SE. I'd heard the WA6 a few times before, but never this tonally balanced and never with this much energy.


Thanks to all who organized this, I had a great time.

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Since thank you's are out of the way I thought I would post my favorite listening experiences.


The Trentmoller and Meshuggah tracks out of Third_eye's Grace m903/DNA stratus system through both the HD800s and HE-500s were truly amazing, easily one of the best sounds of the meet to me.

Grace Jones played from the Technics turntable through the phono amp, Super 7 and LCD-3's at the Eddie Current table was super smooth and warm. Extremely musical... reminded me why I love analog so much.

Wes Montgomery and Coltrane from burnspbesq's Gimore lite /concero system was really nice through the Fostex TH-600s!  The concero was so much smaller than I thought It it would be and much better as well.

Listening to Peter Murphy, Four Tet, Souxie and other tracks at the Mad Dog table made me extremely happy. These cans are awesome and I wish I had the cash to take advantage of the deals Dan had going on, but I do know these will be my next purchase.

Listening to the various tacks mikemercer played for me though the Mytek/ ALO Studio Six system was fun.. great sound there but mostly it was the tracks he picked... music junkie indeed that guy!

Mike1127's K works system was dynamic and detailed... I listened to a track from the JJ Johnson live at the Vanguard CD I had heard numerous times , but I had never heard it that engaging or expressive before.


The AK100 works great with my headphones and is easily better than my whole home rig... the Denon AD-H600s are very nice to me as well thanks to Warrenpchi for recommending I take a listen... 


Also after discussing it with my lady, the next time I am coming by myself so I can spend more time hanging with you all... also I am willing to help in anyway I am able!

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