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Originally Posted by HK_sends View Post

Hey everybody, I had a fantastic time!  It was really great to meet you all in person.  You made my first meet very memorable!


Cheers and all the best!beerchug.gif

-HK sends

Ya.... what he said.

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Hey everyone, I had an awesome time!  It was my first meet and I got to meet some great people and listen to some incredible equipment.  Thanks to third_eye and all the folks who worked so hard to set things up.  I also want to thank all the vendors who were especially tolerant of me.  Lastly, I want to thank all the folks who let me listen to their systems.  It really was a great event!


Now to save my pennies for a few "upgrades"...wink_face.gif



-HK sends

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Thanks for organizing the meet, and thanks to all who brought rigs.  First time at one of these, and I had a great time.  Certainly the first time I could hear many of the amps and phones I've read about.


Terrific sound from many set-ups: those remaining with me most vividly are Craig's S7, the LCD-3s with Lyr, the Mad Dogs with various Schiit amplification, and the TH-900s through the Head Amp portable rig.  My favorite sound, and huge surprise, of the afternoon was the AK120 portable player through my son's Aedles.

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Will pix go up Sunday? I'm very excited to hear about the meet's success! CHEERS to warrenpchi who worked very hard to bring organization to this meet, as well as others!


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made it home in one piece. Hope all those travelling from afar do the same. Beautiful job to third eye and the rest of the organizers on a great meet.
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Originally Posted by Insidious Meme View Post

made it home in one piece. Hope all those travelling from afar do the same. Beautiful job to third eye and the rest of the organizers on a great meet.

you forgot to show off your uerms bro

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Originally Posted by Insidious Meme View Post

made it home in one piece. Hope all those travelling from afar do the same. Beautiful job to third eye and the rest of the organizers on a great meet.

Insidious what dac were you using?  The combo you had with the wa22 and hd800 was incredible. Listening to that and the blue hawaii + stax combo was my highlight.

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Had a great time!!!


Huge thanks to Ethan and Warren!!


Loved the AT Leather heads someone had.


What a great start to my vacation. I'll check back in on the thread in a week.

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What a great event! Thanks to the organizers and vendors. My wallet is going to hurt somewhere after hearing the BH -009 combo. The Mad Dogs -Schiit was also great - I might just jump for one of Dan's creations.

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Really enoyed the event and having A chance to share the Denon Headphones with everyone! ~The Chick From Denon Table
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I have to say it was really cool trying out real summit-fi stuff for the first time. I have to find the layout to job my memory of people's names, but hearing the HD600 and DT880 made me want to upgrade from my HD598 and DT770 LE. Got to hear HD800s and LCD-3s for the first time. I have to say the LCD-3 was more balanced than what I had read would lead me to believe, the tone was rich but the bass impact and body were both very, very well controlled and kept in line. I was impressed. The HD800s soundstage was pretty impressive, but I wish I could have heard it out of a more powerful source; the Astell&Kern player was pretty sweet, definitely a full step up from my N4 + E11 combo, but I really wanted to hear the HD800 with a Bifrost + Lyr setup, which I couldn't find.

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We all joke about our wallets on head-fi, but seeing pictures of cool rigs is NOTHING compared to actually hearing the rigs. Now I really, really need a planar + tube rig!!
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Impressions.....where to start?

Driving up to LA from Sandy Eggo I was in locked into full road warrior mode.

The traffic in LaLaLand didn't disappoint, was just what I had expected.

Constant ongoing freeway construction on the 405 had turned the roadway into a veritable off-road Baja 1000.

Numerous multiple car accidents along the way with the resulting gridlock.

Was happy to get to the meet in one piece........then home again.


As for fun in headphone nirvana-land, the meet was a good one.

I want to thank third_eye and Warren for all their hard work. Job well done!


My goal was to fondle a lot of the latest flagships (and listen to them too) - mission accomplished!

I won't go into a lot of detail because the meet conditions were LOUD! (aren't they all?)

So to compensate I cranked all them oversized volume knobs waaaay up!


This will be a "stream of conciousness" style report, so maybe tl; dr?


I got to the registration table, picked up my badge then had an interesting conversation

with one of the guys behind the table regarding music synthesizer pioneers from the 1960's & 70's.

Those who built them (ala MOOG and ARP) as well as those who used them in the music industry. (yeah, I'm turning 60 next year)

Little known synth factoid: Walter and Wendy Carlos of "Switched On Bach" fame - are the same person. Ewwww!

Sorry, I didnt get the guy at the table's name. Would have prolly forgot it anyway - Old-Timers Disease is beginning to take root.


Then I mosied over to the main (vendors) room.

Schitt had a lot of Schitt on their tables, but no statement Schitt. BooHoo! So I moved on.

Dan "Mr. Speakers" had his impressive Mad Dogs leashed to a Burson Soloist. Very nice! Always nice chatting with Dan.


So many rooms to visit, next was the Beverly Hills Ballroom.

When I walked in, there was this very expensive odd device beckoning me to come over and have a seat.

I sat down and waited for Purrin to come back before I clamped this contraption to my head.

He was off galavanting around elsewhere so I helped myself to the Abyss. I'll just say that they sounded LCD-2 good.

Not bad, but I wont be choking up $5K for these.


I turned to my right and the Eddie Current Force was strong!

Two tables full of exposed tube goodness. Nostalgic looking amps finished in polished piano black. Noice!

I dont think that Craig Uthus likes me. When I met him, I said "so you're the Eddie Current guy". He skowled and said yes.

His new Electra stat amp was chained to a Stax 007. Just what I came to try out. Dang! 007's never sounded so good.


n3rdling was visiting at the EC table, when I was done listening to the Electra, I asked if he had brought his Stax 009's.

Yup, so we went to his table in the Hollywood Ballroom. His 009 was paired with a HeadAmp Aristaeus stat amp.

I cannot pronounce that word. I'll just say that it is another very beautiful creation by Justin. Until now, I had not heard a 009.

After trying it out using my reference CD (PF WYWH) I felt that the 009 was being under-powered. But what do I know? Just a gut feeling.

The 009 is known to have abundant treble. I am a treble head. I long to hear clean, soaring high notes. That was missing here.

Just my observation, others may find it more to their liking. So I longed to hear the 009 with other amps. More on that later.

In defence of n3rdling, he told me that his Blue Hawaii was broken, so he brought the other amp.

I heard his BH two years ago with his Stax Omegas. My jaw dropped. It was an epiphany.

Had never listened to anything as perfect as that....ever.


Next I sampled some of n3rdling's vintage Stax headsets. A Sigma (the boxy one) and an early SR-1. Good stuff indeed!

The SR-1 smelled old, like it had just been taken down from the attic and dusted off.

It also had a channel imbalance issue where it took forever to get the right side to kick in.

Still, the left side had that clean Stax sound in spades.


Next door to n3rdling was Frank Cooter. He brought a few of his creations.

His dynamic amp had a stunning zebrawood case - the woodwork was flawless.

The amp was coupled to a LCD-3. Very impressive sound coming from this rig.

Wonder what's under the hood? Frank offered to open it up, I told him not to waste his time.

I was longing to move on to his other amp, a homebrew open frame (semi-exposed guts) stat amp.

It was sporting two huge Telefunkin tubes (think: EL34 on steroids) along with with two 6CS7 bottles.

He wired in the source and hooked up a Stax 507. It was very clean sounding, I could not fault anything.

Still up to this point, the Electra / 007 had been the best I heard at this meet.

Twas great to finally meet Frank Cooter. His electrical and casing talents are boundless.


At another table in the same room, I spied a couple of ECP amps. A L2 tube job and it's solid state brother.

I had just read here on HF who was bringing them, but had a brain fart and could not remember who.

That is when Andy - bluebliss introduced himself. Oh! I remember now.

He was at the meet with his friend who helped him build the mighty KG DIY T2 Stax amp. (two T2's, I believe)

We chatted, he offered to let me have a listen to his R10's. Major drool factor here.

Meanwhile I was listening to his L2 with the Senn HD-800. Wow! this was nice.

Andy's Apple was borked, so the L2 was connected to some other guy's computer as the source.

The music playing was some chick singing a pop song in another language.

Heck, his whole computer was foreign so i couldn't figure out how to change the song. Sounded good nonetheless.

Never did get to sample the R10. We both shot off in different directions.


Another Head-Fi legend I've been wanting to meet was Justin of HeadAmp.

At his table was his Blue Hawaii Special Edition paired with the Stax SR-009 and other stat phones.

He also brought the new GSX-2 dynamic amp. We plugged in his Senn HD-800.

This was one of the best dynamic pairings I've ever heard. Soundstage was unbelievable!

I waited a bit to hear the BHSE & 009 rig, then it was pure musical bliss for me.

For these old ears, "best of show" would go to both the above setup and the Electra / SR-007 combo.

I'd need more time in a quiet setting to really decide on just one end game electrostatic king.


At 2:00 pm Tyll Hertsens gave an informative speech about "Candemonium".

It is a new concept aimed at educating the unwashed masses regarding headphone technologies.

Basically a large booth setting with various informative modules to be used at non-headphonecentric shows

and other educational venues. Good stuff indeed!

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I will have to agree with you on the Eddie Current Electra + Stax 007 - that was definitely one of my favorites!
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Coming back from the meet, I was really impressed with quite a few setups.  My personal favorite definitely has to be the Stax Sigma/404 hybrid (it was like Adele was singing in the room next to me!), followed by the 009 BlueHawaii (amazing setup, definitely lived up to all the hype).  Other notable setups that blew me away were the T1 and Maddogs on the schiit bifrost/valhalla, and the LCD-3s.  Have to admit that I was a bit intimidated by everyone else's gear, was really hoping that I found my end-game setup with my 650's and NFB-11.32, but felt like a child all over again after the meet, haha.

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