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GR07, EPH-100 or R-50?

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My first IEMs were the Vsonic GR02 Bass Edition which I bought exactly a year ago. 3 months later I bought the JVC FXT-90 and I've used them up until now. 9 months is a long time, so I figured its about time to try something new!


So, what music do I listen to? Mostly metal. My library consists of something like 65% rock/metal, 10% trance, 15% epic music (orchestral), and the remaining is pop/rap and all kinds of other random catchy music.


What kind of signature/sound do I prefer? Since I've had only 2 iems so far its fairly hard to describe what I like. On my FXT-90s I love the timbre and the bass, however I find the treble a bit too bright and the soundstage is fairly poor.


I narrowed my search to the 3 iems I mentioned in the title and Im having a very hard time choosing which one to get. Right now Im leaning toward EPH-100 because it supposidely has good timbre for metal music, has a laid back treble and a nice bass. Can you guys push me in the right direction? Thanks!

Also, I forgot to mention, I want to feel a difference between my new iem and the FXT90 ive been using, in other words, i dont want an iem that sounds very similar to it.

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The GR07 has amazing sounquality and they are better upgrade over FXT90 with tighter punchy bass, wider soundstage, crisp clear mids, highs(not extended as JVC) and better instruments separation. They(GR07)are lively, dynamic, fun, warm and very detailed IEMs with great built quality and they comes with lots of tips.

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Ive had the eph100 and they were awesome. Huge bass, more sub bass than mid bass which left vocals clear. Nice stage and instrument seperation too. But i traded them to get the gr07 mk2, not at all cuz i disliked them, just wanted to hear the others. Possibly the gr07 bass edition might be combo of both
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The R50 keeps getting better the longer I own it. I have found a perfect fit with the medium klipsch ovals from my s4 and the bass has improved. The memory wire is fantastic now, it just slips right over my ear and into position.
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I too am considering the same choices. Someone, please shed some light for EDM and vocals.

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Originally Posted by Svoloch View Post

I too am considering the same choices. Someone, please shed some light for EDM and vocals.

I got the yamahas and for EDM you really cant go wrong with those

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