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How Do I Gain Basic Physical Coordination Skills?

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Hi HeadFi,


Oi....I'm really upset right now. 


I just tried taking the Motorcycle Safety Foundation course to get my motorcycle license. I got kicked out out after a couple of hours (and switching from a motorcycle to a scooter) because of my lack of balance and physical coordination. The instructor tried everything she could but I just wasn't progressing with the class.


This is really upsetting, because the class is for beginners and I'm under the impression most everyone passes it on their first attempt. I couldn't find anyone on Yelp! who had failed this course, let alone got kicked out toward the very beginning. And it's a chicken and egg problem - it's the class you're supposed to take to get basic ability on a 'cycle but I'm not even at the level where I can take the most basic. And I can't practice in Texas without breaking the law. 


I wish I could say I didn't expect this to happen. But I did. All of my life I've sucked with lack of physical coordination and ability. I've always been physically at the back of the class. And I've tried everything to try and get better. I've tried dance (swing and salsa lessons), boxing lessons, weightlifting/Starting Strength, etc. I exercise 5 days a week.  I've even lost 40 pounds. But I still seem to suck and struggle with physical activities that most people find far easier. 


The upsetting thing is that I like these physical activities. I like being active. I like dancing. I like being courageous. But my ability doesn't seem to match my nerve. I have tremendous will but little ability. I'm always falling behind in group physical activities.


So my question is if there is any class and trainer I could take to gain basic physical proficiency? Like remedial therapy but without getting into a car accident first? I want to do be able to do activities I enjoy. 

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How about off road? Go find a spot out in the boonies where you can ride a dirt bike or a quad. Or, set-up some cones in school parking lots on Sunday afternoons. What about bicycle riding?
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You have to practice visualization of operating motorcycle and practicing focus. Karate helped me a lot. I failed my first bike test (being 30) also, was raining and helmet visor got foggy. Yes and short wheelbase, like enduro helps a lot.

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An off-road bike is how I learned to ride. My older bro bought a Kawasaki dirt bike. I learned by riding around the old hood one afternoon, like riding a bicycle. Just like learning how to drive a car, practice. Empty school parking lots on weekends are good to practice at.

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I'd recommend learning to ride a regular bike first, if you haven't. I'd also recommend telling your doctor your concerns. He/she could definitely point you towards a physical therapist or other professional who could assist you.

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I assumed that he already knows how to ride a bicycle. If not then he has to learn and master riding the bicycle first. Do circles and figure 8s on it.

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Have you tried yoga? I have always been on the klutzy side of the spectrum, as most of my family is...When I started taking yoga I gained a lot of balance, which I've noticed has gone away since I've been a bit lazy. You might also try the offroading idea like someone else suggested, so you can get some more experience on two wheels.

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A nice empty parking lot and patience. That's how I learned.

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