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Head-fiers are spoiled

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So, I have said it.

Who agrees?

Nowadays you can get yourself a pair of headphones for very cheap.  For 150-200 US Dollar, think of Audio Technica A900X, AKG K550, Sony MA900 you can get a pair which sounds very very good and it would cost you at least 15 times the budget when you want this same quality of sound with speakers.

These headphones at their original retail price (more in the range of 300-400 US Dollar) are their price more than worth it, but reading this forum I am amazed how often I hear people whining about how expensive their hobby is and how they even avoid buying a stellar pair of headphones when they cannot be bought for very little or no money at all.

Shame on you guys! smily_headphones1.gif

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You're trying to make the point that head-fiers are spoiled because we don't buy $200 headphones, and some of us go for ones in the 1k+ range?
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I remember being very reluctant to spend $485 on a second hand pair of Grado RS1i....because I thought it was way too much money to spent on headphones.

Now after listening to a million songs on them, I feel it is a great bang for the buck gs1000.gif


Just kidding about the million songs, but the number has to be way up there, and I do not regret buying them at all.

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Indeed, when you get to spend that much money on anything, it' very likely you can get something similar, and of good quality, for a lot less.

But, expensive stuff exists because people WILL pay for it, and if the quality is there, why not?

I am pretty sure virtually everyone could be set for life with the $200-$300 headphone that better suits their taste. Thing is, the more expensive equipment may be actually better for some of us. And if you can afford what's better for you, why not?

I have a $150 headphone that I like better than more expensive stuff I've tried. I also have a $300 headphone that I like better than some less expensive stuff I've tried.

Bottom end: it's not good because it costs $1000, but if you like it and you think it's worth the $1000, go for it.
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Originally Posted by GL1TCH3D View Post

You're trying to make the point that head-fiers are spoiled because we don't buy $200 headphones, and some of us go for ones in the 1k+ range?

No, I mean relatively speaking headfi-ing is a very affordable hobby.

You may change "spoiled" with "fortunate", if you will :-)

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Originally Posted by roBernd View Post

The bigger problem is that most head-fiers are into vodoo, hear changes in sound which simply aren't there to begin with, reject any basic knowledge and audio science... Plus the status quo changed to: neutral = less then neutral bass and piercing treble...

That applies to all "audiophiles". With stereo setups it's the same thing. I think the total "gearophile/audiophile" misses the most important aspect of the entire hobby. The music. All music - not just selected tracks that sound audiophile.

If a person can be happy listening to crappily recorded music on a sub par system, I think he or she "gets" the hobby much more than some (note how I say some) audiophiles.
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