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If the budget was 10,000 USD.......

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And headphone SR009, which amp would you recommend and why ?
- a10 thunderbolt
- woo audio Wes
- blue Hawaii

Any other recommendations are most welcome but please no solid state, even the premium denon pma 7000 is too artificial and bright for me (with HD800).

For example, Besides the sound quality one point does go in favor of Wes- 100-240v supply. Not a problem for most but I reckon at some point of time I will live in a 220v location and hence the ability to switch input voltage is a plus.

What else should I be considering ?

Ps: budget includes buying Sr-009 as well. However I can find it around 3.5KUSD so amp budget is 65k

Appreciate your inputs !
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First things first. 


I do not know if you have heard the SR-009s or not. I recently heard the SR-009, SR-007, Sennheiser HE60, as well as other stax headphones like the stax lambda nova signature. 


I thought the highs in the SR-009 were much better that the 007, but the bass and mids were much more robust on the SR-007 MK2s. 


However......The HE60 took the cake. VERY clean sounding, warm, and full. 


If you are seriously looking at getting the SR-009 and you have not heard it, I would highly suggest you try to pick up a pair of HE60s instead. The best part is, Sennheiser will actually refurbish them for you. You would have to send it into sennheiser and pay them a bit of cash, but they can take a worn down pair of HE60s and make them brand new again for half the price of a SR-009.


As for amp, I like the A10 thunderbolt. The Blue Hawii is good, I like it, however, it still has a bit of that SS sound signature. The A10 is probably closer to what you would want in an amp. 

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To the OP, you do know that the BHSE is a hybrid.


"The BHSE is a hybrid amp sporting a quad of EL34 output drive tubes in an OTL DC coupled configuration, fed by a solid-state input section and power supply"..

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