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I hope I'm in the right section for this.


I have a pair of Turtle Beach XLa's (same price as an original mic and the chat quality isn't terrible) I bought to replace my broken xbox mic, and I hoped I could re-purpose them to be used as a headset for Skype and game chat etc. 


Basically, the headset appears to have two speakers, one stereo pair used for game sounds (RCA) and what seems to be a mono speaker (centered audio). This mono speaker is connected via a 2.5mm jack, which is the same plug for the mic. This means that I would need to split the 2.5mm jack to two 3.5mm sources (headphone & mic separately). I bought this cable in the hopes of doing so:



My issue here is that when I split the 2.5mm jack, the mic sounds very quiet, and if any sounds are played to the headset, the mic picks it up. It's like the signal isn't being split, rather copied to/from both 3.5mm jacks.

I hope this is easy to understand. I don't much care for superior sound quality when it comes to gaming headsets. Is there anyone who could help me out?


Also here's Turtle Beach's little image on how to connect it, which shows the headset's plugs: