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Fireye Mini+

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Just noticed this interesting review on an italian forum about the soon to be released Firestone Audio Fireye Mini+.

Of course I'm not related to the reviewer nor do I have affiliations with Firestone Audio.




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I've seen it in person, never used it though. There are custom faceplates that are interchangeable for people into that sort of stuff.


The looks are similar to the Nuforce MMP.

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The difference is that MMP has a gain switch while Mini+ has a bass switch. SQ wise, it isn't any big jump over the original Mini, but it is functionally a leap forward. Not just the added hardware bass EQ, but the fact that the amp will pass alone the mic+remote function from the cellphone to the headset (assuming you are using a headset, a.k.a. headphone with mic+remote), Normally setup like [cellphone's headphone-out + amp + headphone] will stop the headphone's mic+remote working with the cellphone, but that's not an issue Mini+. As long as the headphone's mic+remote is originally compatible to the cellphone (iDevice with Apple compatible headset or Android with Android compatible headset), the Mini+ will allow the mic+remote to work, as if it is not there. So you can still use the remote to control the cellphone or pick up call even with Mini+ in between the cellphone and the headset.

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