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Custom IEM Cable for ER4S

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Hey guys could you please recommend me a good custom cable for ER4S???
These are the key factors...
-Reduce 'touch noise' (noise that comes when the cable moves&hits)
-Good ergonomics (preferably it is over ears like PFE112s)
-Great Design

I really appreciate all your help and hope for g8t suggestions!!!

(I did read the 18Custom IEM thread but couldnt find decent ones for ER4S)

Please Help!!
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Try Matt (Matez) at Forza AudioWorks. He was working on a prototype ER4P cable recently, and mentioned that an ER4S cable would be no problem as well.


I briefly used a FAW IEM cable and it was quite nice; it's both robust and soft, and looks great. The PE insulation is good for minimizing 'touch noise'.


I suggest checking out the FAW Appreciation thread for others' opinions.

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