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rsi2i, he 400, beyer 880's, or hd600/650's

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Hi there,
Here is a can of worms...
HE-400 or Grado rs2i, beyer 880's or the senn 600 or 650
I know they are completely different phones.
However they are within my price range and I have never heard either in person.
Where I live you can probably look around and find demo's for Beats (or stab yourself in the ears if preferred) and MAYBE some other rappers brand.
I am looking to replace my Sennheiser Momentums as discussed in previous posts (I think).

In any case I listen to a broad range of music.  Primarily Metal/Rock, but to throw a potential spanner in the grado works, electronic including 90's trance, Happy Hardcore etc etc.
I also listen to classical and acoustic from time to time, however I am not going to complain if  my classical is ever so slightly off if the above is somewhat satisfied.
Generally speaking I like a bass capable headphone.  By that I don't mean a muddy horrible sound (enter Beats), but I like it to be strong enough. 
I believe both of the headphones above a capable in that regard.
Other than that, I basically want a phone that is fairly balanced sound.
I was going to get the HE-400's hands down days ago, however I want to make sure I cover all bases before I go outlay up to $500 on a set of headphones.

Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer smily_headphones1.gif.

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I say save for the HE-500 as it outperforms both listed headphones handily.  The Sennheiser HD-650 is close to the HE-500 in sound signature, but the Senn. fits better.  Perhaps consider the HD-650?


A Grado headphone is not a bass capable headphone.  Any sub-bass rumble is an affect of the pads and bone conduction.  Don't believe me?  Take a look at the charts.




See how the Grado falls short from 100Hz back compared to all of the other headphones?  We are talking -20dB difference here.


The beyerdynamic DT770 ( 32 Ohm ) might be another good option for you if you.

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I have heard some people love the HD 600 while others the 650.
I would expect both to be fantastic. Which has the stronger bass presence in your opinion?
I have the momentums at the moment and j am somewhat disappointed with them and one review actually rates their bass higher than the 600/650 (in Evert other way they rank the 600/650 higher as expected)
How does the beyer 770 comare to the 880?
The 880 is yet another consideration i had made
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To me the HD-650 and HD-600 sound very similar with a tad more clarity on the HD-650.  To my ears they both have the same bass response.

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The DT880s are highly detailed headphones and tend towards a sparkly treble signature. Personally, I like them for rock and metal, but if you want really want bass, the DT770s might be a better fit among the Beyers.

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Of the headphones, I really like the HD650 and DT 880 (600 ohm).   I wasn't a fan of the HE-400.  The HE-500s are very nice, but a lot more expensive.  In my opinion:


1.  The HD 650 have great mids for female vocals and the treble never gets in the way of enjoying the music.  The bass is definitely there but not overpowering.  They are comfortable.  I've never heard the HD600 though so can't speak to those. 


2.  The DT 880 are SUPREMELY comfortable.  Light, soft, can wear for hours without any issues.  The soundstage is bigger on these. The treble is definitely more noticeable.  It is right at the maximum amount of treble I would accept but I have not removed the cans from my ears nor changed tracks because it was too much. 

3.  HE-400.  These are comfortable despite their size.  The bass is good on these, but the treble is too much for me.  I'm looking to sell a pair that I bought and didn't use that much.  If you decide you want to go in this direction and would consider slightly used, please contact me.  Here's the ad I posted to try to sell them at the Los Angeles meet today.  http://www.head-fi.org/t/673150/hifiman-he-400-and-bowers-wilkins-p5-for-sale


4.  HE-500.  These are awesome, comfortable (more than HD650 but less than the DT880).  The word I use to describe them is "smooth."  I just put them on and listen for a while with no harsh treble, no annoying muddy base, great vocals, no fatigue whatsoever. 

I hope to read your impressions after you make your choice. 



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As you mention the word bass let me chime in. Have some experience with HD650/600 and DT880. Also the DT990 which I'll throw in the mix.


To my ears, HD650 does quite a bit better in the bass department than the HD600. Better meaning deeper and more prominent. For your electronic music taste I definitely recommend HD650 over HD600. The latter is just more neutral.


I find the DT880 lacking in bass even with a nice amp like the Woo 3+. It's present but not near the sweet spot in bass most of the time. Would you be able to pickup some JMoney leather earpads then you're changing the DT880's game big time! Bass quantity is surpassing HD650 bass quantity by a mile and I must say that's win-lose at the same time. Bass is too much with certain 4/4 style beats. For trance and happy hardcore it might work for you or not. Quality is nice but nicer on HD650 as the balance with mids and highs is maintained. Treble, sweet and haven't heard any music where highs were harsh.


The DT990 is also nice for electronic music and could work for Metal. I'm saying that because I imagine Metal could get trebly at times (or is it the word Metal that I'm associating with harshness? lol). My experience is the DT990 bass is very ok, prominent and the treble is prominent as well but nearly never towards harsh which I've been reading about. Mids are definitely recessed and that's what I dislike about them.

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Thank you guys so much for the feed back. It is nice that people are willing to spend some time to discuss these things with a noob.
I hope this won't get me shot and it wasnt to go against the advice here but I ended up buying a pair of lcd2's.
The fun part now is going to be getting an amp.
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