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Westone um1 Durability

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Hi Guys, I am a newcomer here. I just purchased a new pair of um1 iem. I am new to the iem world and this was a gamble for me to spend more than 90 pounds on this. Can anyone comment on the durability of the driver? I have heard some people online say that once a westone iem is dropped on the floor, the driver will suffer internal driver. Is this true? I am very concerned because i have hit my earbuds on my wooden table and chair a few times quite hard by accident. 


Will the driver suffer internal damage or am i just being paranoid?


Any replies is much appreciated. Thanks!!

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Of course, if it hits hard again & again its going to get shaken up within the confined space. Nothing ever last forever.


My motto, NEVER take out costly gear out of your house. Risk increases exponentially.

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Not sure about UM1, but I dropped my ES5 on a glass desk the first date when I get it from the shop and it is still working fine now. So I think no need to worry too much normal_smile%20.gif

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i've been using them everyday to school and back for more than half a year, so far i hav'nt experienced any problems with them build wise, but then again i dont exactly swing them around and hit things with it. so i would'nt worry too much, just dont go out of your way to do something stupid and mess them up 

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its all going to come down to how hard you are on your equipment. obviously the more careless you are the more likly damage is going to occur. more careful, the less likly of damage goes down 

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