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Power Inspired AG500 Power Regenerator review

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It has been requested I post a quick review of this British designed power regenerator/UPS. It's currently on sales and goes for £200 with discount voucher. Very tempting indeed, so let's see if it does anything for the SQ. The main benefits are quite clear, as it provides protection for the nasties in the mains.


Link to specs:



I have tested it today as follows:

Stock Mains Lead -> AG500 -> Stock Extension Lead -> Burson Conductor

Stock Mains Lead -> Stock Extension Lead -> Burson Conductor

and repeat on:

Stock Mains Lead -> AG500 -> Stock Extension Lead -> Taboo MK3

Stock Mains Lead -> Stock Extension Lead -> Taboo MK3


Having previous experience with regens/conditioners I was on the lookout for dynamics in particular.



- blacker background

- instruments are better contoured

- improved imaging

- improved micro details

- through the added contrast the dynamics are actually better

- transparent



- I would prefer it to have a standard mains plug output like it's bigger brother. But there are work-arounds. See below.

- this thing is big (0.5m by 0.5m ) and heavy. Only a con if space is a considerent. Otherwise it's more of a plus.

- SQ and build quality none found so far.



Adding the AG500 to the circuit brings cleaner, clearer, livelier sound. It doesn't colour the sound and it's perfectly transparent. Adding an audiophile power lead between the mains socket and the AG500 makes no difference, as expected. Overall I am very very pleased with it and would not consider going back to life without it. At £200 (with summer discounts) or even the retail price it is a true no brainer and could be a giant killer indeed. I have ordered silver plated DIY IEC male connectors from MCRU and will re-terminate a couple of my audiophile main cables to transform them into extension leads to add them between the AG500 and the Taboo MK3. I will report if this makes any difference.  This is as I found the impact of the AG500 is even more noticeable with the Taboo than with the Burson, but certainly there with both. I suspect this is because the Taboo is both more detailed and more transparent.


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Very good review. I have just bought one myself and I agree with what you said there. I will soon post a review about it too.

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I have meanwhile re-fitted 3 Merlin power cables. Thankfully the cheap mains plugs they came with were easily removed with just a screwdriver.


I have refitted the mains end with the silver plated version of this: http://www.mains-cables-r-us.co.uk/iec-connectors/639-male-iec-connector-de-oxit-treated.html


It's about the only audio quality DIY male IEC I have found. So far so good and definetely an improvement over the stock black extension lead.

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A couple of Q/A from the vendors, I am reposting from another thread. Tony from Power Inspired has been very kind to answer these and they are VERY prompt in their replies as several of us found.


  • Q: Is the AG series substantially different, other than wattage or Volt Amps capacity, than the AC Regenerators manufactured by Pure Power or PS Audio?
  • A: From what I know about Pure Power & PS Audio, the AG series is very much like the Pure Power design. The PS Audio works in a different topology which we (and Pure Power if you read their literature) believe to give poorer performance than our topology, due to the transformer in the PS Audio product.
  • Q: Any plans for an AG500 with a mains plug output like the AG1500 version?
  • A: To be honest, the future of the AG500 is in the balance at the moment with more attention to be focused on the AG1500 and developing a new generation, however sales have been good now we've ran the promotion so perhaps we'll make some changes to have a new backplate. I'll let you know.
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I have done a review on AG500 also. The findings are quite similar with yours.

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I have heard it just two days ago and it improved significantly the sound stage, such that I for the first time realized the real difference between the HD800 stock cable and my newer Norne Draug v2. Also, it added micro details in front of the blacker background. It was located in a 90° angle with respect to the desktop behind it and wasn't audible. It is an obvious upgrade and positively affects of course DAC and amp. Recommended.

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