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For Sale: FS: Like-new Sennheiser HD600

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For Sale:
FS: Like-new Sennheiser HD600

Will Ship To: CONUS

I am selling these cans on behalf of my friend, IzzyAxel, who's selling off all his audio gear to get his next headphone.


This HD600 is in absolutely perfect condition and has only been used for about a couple of months


The only flaw is that the box got banged around a tiny bit during shipping. I have taken pictures of all the imperfections. There's a knick on one corner of the storage case and a few dents in the corrugated cardboard sleeve. The headphones, however, are in pristine, flawless condition. Completely clean and absolutely no scratches or scuffs, and no dings in the grilles either. They were very lovingly cared for.


Asking for $350 plus shipping. Price is open to discussion. Shoot me a PM.



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Bump, pictures uploaded.

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