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Ipod touch 5 & Sennheiser IE 80 + an amazing app....

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Hi everyone!
I would like to share my recent purchase experience, which at first thought was a complete waste of time (after purchasing), however after much researching and testing I have managed to overcome my initial issues.
Well up untill over a week ago I was using my trusty iphone 4s paired with the sennheiser ie 80 IEM's for a quite a while. 
I have always enjoyed the amp and sound quality achieved with the iphone 4s (Using stock player, used EQu app for a short while but couldnt get to grips with it), iphone 4s has really rich and great clarity when compared to other mp3 players I have tried - but a good quiality set of IEM's is the star of the show no doubt.
So space is running out on the phone (16 gb capacity) and decide to buy a dedicated music player.
I took a trip down my local currys/pcworld store and heard great things about the sony nwz f805 (which they had in stock), so i decided to buy that.
Well much to my surprise i didnt realy like or enjoy the output of this thing, through using the stock mp3 player to using third party apps from the google app store, i just could not achieve the sound i wanted - atleast equal to the iphone 4s.
I tried various eq settings, after which i just gave up, Before returning the sony to the shop, i thought id look around on the net & see if the ipod touch 5th gen would suffice - good reviews and comments all round, but ultimately i didn't dig deep enough.
So i exchanged the sony player for an ipod touch 5. I take it home, rip it open and immediatley transffered music, to which i was confident the ipod touch 5 could match the output from iphone 4s. Well not quite. Not that its a bad sounding player, certainly better then the sony, but lacking that 3dish sound (as with the i4s), the soundstage & oddly the treble extension could not match 100% to i4s.
Overall the sound of the ipod touch 5 is a little thinner for a better way to describe it.
After researching deeper on the net, it seems apple likes to change audio chips from various players - 'Wolfson' is the audio chip responsible for that great sound i got from the iphone, and 'Cirrus' chips are the ones used (i gather) on the more recent iProducts, such as the one i just purchased. Great.
Sod taking it back to the store, firstly i have no idea what other player i could exchange it for, and second i just could not be bothered.
So perseverance is all i have to go by at this point,i downloaded a tonne load of players from the app store,such as EQu, Equalizer, Accudio etc.
I played around with each app's eq settings, yet i could not really find that 'sound' i am looking for, with my beloved sennheiser ie 80's & and once great i4s.
'Superloud' App (£6.99 i paid, theres a £2.99 version but dont know whats different)
So i stumble accross one particular app, Superloud, after much tinkering I have managed (in my opinion) to match and actually top the sound i was use to so much on the iphone 4s, the soundstage is lovely with that 3dish sound i was use to with i4s, as well as the eq sounding rather natural and 'full' sounding.
I hope anyone reading this who has an ipod touch 5th gen (or iphone 5 as i know share the same audio chips) & sennheiser ie 80's, to checkout the photo links i have uploaded below, and match the settings you see (Set EQ off).
EQ MODE (Pic below)
I hope you enjoy my thoughts story (and resolution), I look forward to reading your comments! :)

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Thanks for the tip. I'm thinking of getting the iPod touch 5 tomorrow and will definitely try this app out.
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I checked for Superloud on the App Store and I see that Superloud Standard and Superloud Essential both priced at £2.99.
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It's just as confusing in the USA App Store. I'm going to go with the one that has 6 ratings instead of 1 but I don't think the ratings are throughout the world so I don't think that helps you.
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I downloaded superloud and it's not even close to Accudio pro. I use my ie80 on iPhone 6 plus with Accudio pro. Use the HD558 as reference in Accudio; it has a rich and wide sound.
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