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For Sale: PSB M4U 2 Portable Headphones

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For Sale:
PSB M4U 2 Portable Headphones

Will Ship To: Canada / US

For Sale:

My MINT condition and 3 week old PSB M4U 2 portable headphones with noise cancelling functionality. I have far too many headphones and with my recent purchase of the Sennheiser Momentum's I think I'm good on that front.


They are the black headphones and again, I would rate them 10/10. They work very well with the Noise Cancelling Circuitry on, but work slightly better without the NC on. So they are very versatile...on a flight, the NC really helps and while around the house, you can turn it off and still enjoy a very neutral/natural headphone.


I wrote a comparative review of several portable headphones that I've owned here and the PSB's scored very highly and are the most versatile headphones of the bunch due to the noise cancellation + ability to not require this functionality when in a quiet environment:


Price: $300 + shipping (Canada / US ONLY).


Absolutely everything that came with them!


Please review my feedback and buy with complete confidence.


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Do you still have these?
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