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Hi guys,

First of all, hello from a noob from Japan! This is my first post to the forum. Need not to say I am in to music. I own a macintosh ma2275, a demon PMA1000 and a few SET and push pull tube Amps with kef and jbl speakers. Recently I bought sennheiser HD800 with iRiver ak120. So far I love it. I am not thinking to buy a dedicated headphone amp.

Few questions
- is there a electrodynamic amp that can drive electrostatic headphones as well (or vice versa) I have been lusting over SR 009 but would like the ability to use hd800 as well.
- am heavily in to tube but wouldn't mind solid state recommendation too.
- how do you rate star headphone amp ? I see most people using sr 009 with woo audio or BHSE.

Any advice you can provide is much appreciated!