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Bought my first pair of IEM's. Is this not for everyone?

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I just bought UE 900's coming from my Sennheiser HD555's. I don't know if it's just me, but I can't stand them. It hasn't been a full 24 hours yet and I've already gone back to my Sennheisers. Is there something I'm missing here? Here are my gripes.

1. Given all the tips, I couldn't find any that were comfortable. This wasn't my main concerns because I was going to get custom molded tips for them anyways. Maybe I'm just spoiled because I have custom molded ear plugs for sleeping at night?

2. Microphonics were horrible. It was nauseating to here cable noise to this extent from even the smallest movement like a head tilt. I've done quite a bit of research into IEM's and I'm aware of microphonics being an issue. The UE 900 got consistent positive reviews on the fact that the microphonics were minimal. If this is a good IEM in regards to microphonics I don't know what would be considered bad. Yes they were nice and snug and the cables were run around the ear. Can someone shed some light on this?

I really wanted to like these, but I don't think it's just this particular set of IEM's, but IEM's in general. Things I liked were the isolation. I heard new sounds that were otherwise unnoticed.

So, I ask: Is this not for everyone or should I try to give another pair a try? Or possibly shell out some money for the custom molds to see if a proper fit will remedy microphonics (I actually think this will make it worse due to the tighter seal)?


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Try another.

UE900 has a very wide bore tip which may not fit everyone,

microphonics has to do with cable so you could try hunting down other cables.


Give another pair of IEMs a go, something closer to the headphones you have.

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If you have got problems with comfort and microphonics from IEM's, I'd recommend you to try out earbuds. Sadly, the selection of high end earbuds is very small. Also, you lose the isolation. Anyway, try out Sennheiser MX985 (or the model it replaced - the MX980) for an earbud that sounds like full sized headphones.

Here's a review: http://www.head-fi.org/t/671943/sennheiser-mx985-review-relive-the-experience

You could also look for a used pair of Blox TM7 or ANV3. The TM7 sound even better than the MX980/985 (more texture in the bass but slightly less bass weight) and the ANV3 is almost on the same level as the MX980/985. However, Blox only make small batches of each of their earbud models...

You can check out these threads as well:



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Wearing IEMs with the cord up and going around the back of the ear greatly reduces microphonics. Only some can be worn with the cord up, however with just about all of them you could have the cord go behind your ears.


IEMs take some getting used to. Imo the most comfortable ones are very ergonomically shaped, with the nozzle coming out from near the edge diagonally. Look at the shape of the Panasonic RP-HJE450 and Audio Technica CKM55 for examples of this. The RP-HJE450 also has oval nozzles to further enhance the comfort and fit. The HJE450 doesn't isolate so well though since it is ported. I have several IEMs, however the HJE450 is the one I use most due to its great comfort and fit.







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Some people do not like having them stuck in their ears.  Some tips can definitely be uncomfortable, especially when they are providing a force around your ear canal, because they are compressed a lot.  I would say try different fits, and tips, but it sounds like you have done that.  I am not sure how UE900s rate on the comfort scale.

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Couldn't agree with the OP more, i was very disapointed by the UE900, first iem that i couldn't get a nice comfortable fit in my right ear. I've really, really tried to love iem's as they're just a much more sensible option for my needs but IMO they just don't come close to Full size, maybe iem's just arn't for you.
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The reason for the purchase was to find high quality sound and comfort in a portable form factor. Also something to wear when I don't want to mess up my hair. Since I don't like this IEM I appreciate the suggestions of what I should go for next. I will definitely look in those and possibly clip-ons.





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clip ons aren't so popular anymore because they have trouble fitting on ear well, they lose bass when it's not resting on the ears properly.

Do feel free to give it a try though

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If you were a fan of the Senn555's I would have stuck with the brand at least and gone for the IE80s.

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I used to think the same exact thing as the OP until I started experimenting with brands and then within the brands.  I think it really takes some trial and error to figure what works for your ears and what doesn't and whether iem's are the right direction or not.  From my experience, I have small ears so for some reason or another I didn't find Shure to be a good fit for me.  I love the fit of Westone though not as much with the UM line and the most comfortable pair I have is Audeo Phonak. It hugely depends on the tips and I personally prefer wires up and over my ears.  In terms of microphonics, I've found the braided cables like Westone to be the best.  

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