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~$50 IEMs for Rap/Electronic (and bass!)

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Hey I have been looking around for some new IEMs, and I am a bit overwhelmed with everything I have read. I mostly listen to Rap(With mostly electronic beats)/Electronic. Naturally both rap and electronic music have a lot of bass so I definitely want good strong bass. I see the soundmagic e10 and brainwavz m2 recommended often along with some others. I previously had the brainwavz r1 which were pretty good but they broke and I want to try something else.


Some songs to get an idea of what I will be using them for:






Thanks for the help!

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The Sony MDR-XB60EX on Amazon for $35 looks very interesting. I haven't bought it yet. I might end up buying one.

It has 13.5 mm drivers. The reviews of it on Amazon are quite good!



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JVC HA-FX40 will sound great with those tracks. May seem cheap but sure sound great for the price.

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I have the HAFX40 and the Sony MDR-EX210. The EX210 isn't even an extra bass IEM, yet it has 13.5mm drivers. The drivers on the HAFX40 are only 8.5mm. The EX210 has so much better deep bass than the HAFX40. The HAFX40 does have more detail though. The Sony XB60EX is an extra bass IEM with 13.5 mm drivers. It seems to satisfy those who want deep strong bass, but also decent clarity and highs.

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Hey I know its been awhile since I posted last. Just wanted to say thanks for recommending the sony xb60ex, I got them in the mail today and wow I am really impressed. They are way better than the brainwavz I had before. I was concerned about the shape because it looked weird but they are hard, light, super comfortable and the bass is wonderful!

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I am glad you enjoy it. I have the Sony MDR-EX-210  which also has 13.5mm drivers, however the enclosures are very different. The XB60 seems built much sturdier, and comes with more tips and a case.  I wonder if they use the same drivers. The EX210 is meant to be a neutral earphone, while the XB60 is meant to give extra bass. The EX210 used to be $40, but is now down to under $15 on Amazon. A great buy. The XB210 though also looks like a good buy at $35.

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The Sony XB90EX(very detailed yet very bassy), JVC FX3X(big punchy bass), Turbine(deep reverbing heavy bass) and UE350i(punchy bass) are pretty good bassy IEMs with very good soundquality.
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