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I have an old pair of Shure SE115m+.  I used to use them on my old iPhone and after switching to Android they still worked for listening but the buttons didn’t work.  I did do a bit of research and Apple has a different pin configuration that my Galaxy S. I think the ground and the mic are switched.  also these puppies are now about 5 years old and the sheathing is torn exposing the insulated wires.  I know I can just buy something new but A) I would like to try this as a DIY project and B) it would be great to have these as a backup pair. And C) I really liked them

So here is the task at hand.   I would like to

  1. Rewire the 3.5mm plug so the contacts match up with the controls for an Android device.
  2. Replace the outer cable with something cool.

Anybody have a good place to start?  Like maybe the pin wiring and some soldering tips?