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Originally Posted by SonusAudio View Post

Hey, MacedonianHero, are you getting the NAD Viso HP50?


I'd love to hear them, but maybe down the road. 

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Originally Posted by zorin View Post


not wireless.


I have kept the Logitech UE 9000's, they're doing okay.

In Hifi listening mode I use the wire or the Technics RPDJ1210's

when just listening casually eg radio or soundcloud etc I am perfectly happy with the UE 9000's on bluetooth. 

The cutouts do not seem to be an issue with music , only with gaming, and they are only a second or two very occasionally so its not a big deal.

Have noticed the buzz when leaning against a pillow though, cant for the life of me figure out what is going on there.... so the solution is to sit up straight hahah.

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Just got the ES FC300.  Initial impressions:

The build is OK.  The headband will NOT break, as I've been trying to tighten and loosen the clamping force and they haven't broken.  They don't feel super luxurious like the Fidelio L1 would feel.


The pads are rediculous.  They are imo worse than the momentum, since these are about the same in complecations in size, but these pads are a little less soft; as a result, getting a good seal for me is a near impossible (impossible so far) task.


Theres a very noticeable channel imbalance.  It's horrible.


The Sound:  Only OK so far.  The bass is great, since it doesn't interfere with the mids.  The treble is good also.  The mids however are a big bowl of mess.  The focus is off, the vocals are good (not fantastic), and they are recessed.


Overall, I'm dissapointed.  This has to be defective.  Bass is great though.

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No.  The mids are uneven

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Have you tried contacting Onkyo about it? I saw a few pairs of Onkyo on display last time, they didn't attract me enough to try it xD

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2nd Impressions:  Guys... I think I just noticed burn in in the making.  Story time!


So I'm going to myself, "No.  No, they just can't sound this bad.  I've never heard something sound this wierd in my Head-Fi career".  Then I start thinking, OK, maybe it's my Galaxy 5's fault.  Source #2: Sansa Clip Zip.  The same problem.


"Well.....maybe they're really hard to drive?  I'll plug them into my reciever".  3 seconds later..... what the h-e double hocky sticks!  They sactually sound respectable.  No more recessed mids and unfocussed horrible sound.  All problems were cured (well, not completely, but its a start!).  Even the channel imbalance went away!  They now sound about neutral, except that the bass is emphasized.  About the same amount or maybe more bass than the UE6000.


Then I take them out of the receiver and plug them straight into the Clip Zip and wah lah, they sound good!  It's unexplainable.


Until Next Time!...

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Originally Posted by BillsonChang007 View Post

Have you tried contacting Onkyo about it? I saw a few pairs of Onkyo on display last time, they didn't attract me enough to try it xD

Only been like an hour.  Gotta give them time.

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Uh yeah, tooo much bass. -5db on EQ automatically.
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OK: Final Impressions of the Day


OMG!  This is NOT regular burn in.  This is what burn in should be referred to as.  The bass has increased, the mids sound nice and clear without a hint of congestion.  The highs are nice and present (albet a little metalic), and overall, the signature is warm, not dark.  The bass extension is fantastic.  Its crazy how even the channel imbalanced disapeared.  The experience is simlar to that I had with the Focal Spirit One, but this case is much more dramatic.

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I was able to audition the B&W P7 at Apple. Really nice sound. Tight and rich bass with a large soundstage. However, I ultimately preferred the Sennheiser Momentum for it's better midrange presentation and overall clarity.

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OK Day Two:

So I wook up to go to school (college) and I put on the es fc300. Setting: Philadelphia PA, Temperature:around 25 degrees Fahrenheit (negative something Celsius). Takes about an hour to get to school. Why is this important to the story? You'll find out.

The headphones on the bus and 2 trains I took sounded fantastic, and they were comfortable. No problems so far. Later, i begin listening to them again (still great!) and then I decided to just wear the headphones around my neck for the rest of the day, so I detach the cables. So far so good.

After school, I walked up to the train (about a 10 min walk) and waited there for about 7 minutes.

I put the headphones on and...what? The seal is off, the retched channel imbalance has returned for revenge, and the sound sounds unfocused. Why oh why?

I still haven't come to a perfect conclusion, but I have a hypothesis:the cold temperature. Flashback time!

Let's go back to yesterday. The headphones came in a rectangular package, waiting at my doorstep. Mind you, that day, it was around 15 degrees Fahrenheit, and the headphones had been sitting outside for about 4 - 5 hours. It was cold as hell.

So what impact could the cold weather have? Even on the channel imbalance? Well, for one, the pads become more stiff, so a seal is a bit more difficult to achieve. Now I'm not a sound science genius, but I did take a Phisics course.

The sound again, sounded... Not grainy, not unclear, just weird. The bass for one was distributed all over my ear, instead of in my ear canal, so maybe the looseness of the bass had been interfering with the sound. Look, idk!

I have another hypothesis: maybe it's because I detached the cable. Idk, I'm just throwing things out there. I'll find out soon enough. Time to go listen!
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I would wiggle that connector and see if you hear abnormalities if you do it might be a defective connector or a poorly designed one...
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2 as much bass is coming from the left driver. And overall, the right driver seems to be missing something. Can't quite put my finger on it.

It's not the cable. The detachable cable is a y splitter, with a right and a left channel. I plugged the righteous channel into the left ear up and vise versa. The left driver was still louder, with more bass and mids.

I opened them and found no irregularities except:
On the from of the driver,s (not the actual driver, just the front, with the ear pads off), and I saw what you usually see inside: some white...covering. Well part of the covering was a bit whiter in the left ear cup.
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Alright. The problem is the right ear cup. It by its self sounds dark, the bass is monotone, and the placement is off. Definitely defective. Why did they sound so good yesterday?
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Ive gotten defects before and these fit the description. Just the right earcup.

They'll be going back but I will buy them again because I like them so much. The build is great. My stretching the headband to crazy levels (180 degrees) hasn't changed anything, and the feel of the aluminum is great. In addition, the comfort is great, the isolation is peeeeerfect, the style is beautiful.

The sound is great too. I just went to my friend's to try out the momentum again and I prefer the FC300 for its bass tightness, bass extension, treble presence, and most importantly, the airiness. Soundstage is actually pretty good.
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