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For Sale: CablePro Integrity I Power Strip

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For Sale:
CablePro Integrity I Power Strip

Will Ship To: CONUS

CablePro Integrity I Power strip


This is a good, no-nonsense power strip with IEC connector at one end and four star grounded hospital grade duplexes (for total of eight connections). Color of case is medium silver. Audio dealer Gene Rubin of California use to sell this model for $229. If you are looking for a power strip with magic pixie dust/crystals inside and manufacturer claims of bigger sound stage, etc. - look elsewhere and spend much more. I've read of more than a few using this power strip (and its successors) with Naim and other quality components who are pleased with it, and of course you could connect a power strip like this to the single duplex wall mounted Audience power conditioner (Teflon or non-Teflon version) and enjoy the benefits of eight filtered outlets. No power cord included but likely you have one to use already

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Great cheap strip.

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