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Hi all,


I can't see the forest for the trees, so a little advice / help would be welcome.


I'm looking for new in-ear headphones. I'm quite a allround user:

- Much sitting work

- 2 times a week working out (running, walking long distances)

- occasionally a concert (so filtering out loud noises is a +)

- once or twice a month a gig as a dj

- I love music a lot (in much different styles), but I don't mind for a bit of bass.

- I've had and loved the NuForce NE-6, but it seems they're not washer/dryer compatible :-) (my mistake).


1) So the first requirement is they should fit comfortably (sometimes for long hours).

2) I have a budget: +/- 150 € (196 $).

3) They should be iDevice compatible (taking phone calls / controlling music).

4) Easy to get in Belgium / Europe (due to delivery and after-sales-service).


My first thought was the Bose MIE2I (good allround sound, very good comfort, not completely canceling external sounds (handy when it comes to traffic, etc...)).
But I've read there are better options for that value.


A friend of mine recommended the Westone Adventure Series Alpha.

Seems to be quite a lot to what I was looking for in a headphone, but they're a bit above the budget (I should say that if it's worth the money, I would throw in a few extra €'s).


So what's your opinion: what do you think would be a good IEM for me?


Thank you in advance!