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HD800, HD650, and HE-500

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Hey guys,


I have been a long-time HD650 user, and just recently had purchased a pair of HD800s as an upgrade. Out of my gear (Schiit Bifrost Uber + Little Dot MK III) I found the HD800s to be much clearer than the HD650 across the spectrum, but the bass/mid-bass response is lacking the punch that I wanted (I listen to a lot of electronic/pop music). The bass in the 800s are tighter and more controlled, but the 650s simply hit harder (be it due to the rolled off treble, the mid-bass hump, or muddiness in general).


Ideally I would like a pair of headphones that have the punchiness and richness in the bass and mid-bass like the HD650, but the clarity and cleanliness of the HD800. I read up on reviews and found that the HE-500s are probably something like that. Am I somewhat correct in this regard?


Also before you suggest a different amp for the HD800, I have to say I don't have too much money to spend on amps right now. But I do have a Schiit Lyr on the way to replace the LD MK III, in light of my possible HE-500 purchase.

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The T50RP does really well with electronic music and won't cost very much.
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well if you have a Lyr coming i think you would have a great combo to run the HE-500. And personally i find the HE-500 to be punchier than HD650 and perfect for electronic music. (But i only auditioned the HD650 using a beyer A1 amp, i have never owned one)

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Points at M³ amp w/ bass boost. Different songs have different bass quantity and I can control the amount of bass with the bass boost. I have not finished building it, but I plan to buy an HD800 and pair it up with that.

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