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Best DJ and Producer Headphones

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Hi I am a bit musically challenged and need some help,


My Boyfriend is a Producer and DJ specialising in Dubstep, Drum and Bass and Trap. We recently had a party where his headphones got ruined the brand was Pioneer he said they were old anyway.  He has some big gigs coming up in the next few months along with his birthday. I was hoping to surprise him with a new pair but I don't know which ones to get him, he said AKG were a good brand but I have read a lot of bad reviews. I was thinking Ultrasone Pro 900 because he loves bass, but I was wondering if they were good for live shows and stuff. I'm way out of my depth here and haven't a clue.... can anyway give me some good advice ?

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It won't be easy to decide since headphones are such a personal matter. What one person likes another one won't. I will say that for DJing there are generally a few requirements:


1. Swivel cups, so that you can have one ear listening to the house while another cues.


2. A good seal, so that outside sounds can be blocked out.


3. Efficiency, so the cans can get loud.


I have never found that a lot of bass helps, since in most venues the bass bins are going to drown out the low end anyway. Besides, cans that accentuate the bass in an artificial way sound crap to me.


I use the Sennheiser HD25-1 II model to meet these requirements. Though I DJ hardly at all, the same requirements are good for location recording (which I do regularly). These are very balanced cans that sound fine also for regular music listening. Fairly compact and don't scream "steal me!".


But I am sure others have their preferences.

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P.S. I think the Sennheiser HD-25 C II are basically the same as what I recommended. Except it has a curly cable! And this model may be more available, depending on where you shop.

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Just avoid those bulky offerings from the likes of pioneer/sony/technics that have the plastic swivel cups, they will break before whatever he is spinning now becomes unpopular. Would be a shame. The HD-25's are one of the most durable headphones out there, great for mixing. Though their bass is not boomy, so if he cues tracks using bass they might not work for him. The other side of that though is you can cue tracks via other sounds. 

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My brother uses the AKG Tiesto (Large model). He is very happy with it.

I use the Sennheiser HD-25-1 MKII, and am very happy with it. It is the most popular DJ headphone. Has a small midbass hump so it works fine for cueing to bass beat, contrary to what was states above.

Reason my bro doesn't like them is because they are on ear and uncomfy for him.
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That's the kick drum not the bass. There is a difference.
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