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I got my mini3 from Thrice in less than 2 weeks. I met him yesterday in person and he is a cool guy. No problems here and I got a sweet amp.
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Bought replacement pads for Stax Lambda. Excellent transaction. Recommended.
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I was lucky enough to get a Pico DAC/Amp from Thrice. It was an easy and quick transaction, and the amp arrived in great shape.

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I placed my order with Thrice for a MiniĀ³ on May 11th and it arrived today, May 26th. I am in Canada so the transit time was great. Very pleased with the communication and the product. When I am ready for a home amp, Rockhopper Audio and Thrice will be my 1st stop. Thanks!

PS: Even though I am waitlisted for a Pico, I am simply amazed by the quality of the MiniĀ³ - it will remain part of my arsenal for a LONG time!
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i'm a bit late with this feedback, but i've been absent from h-f for a while. stephen and i traded some stax and at 'phones. communication was good and we had a couple of nice chats by phone during the process (and it was a pleasure meeting him in person at a meet last year). thanks for the cans thrice and i look foward to the next time!
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I bought an amp from Stephen and was blown away by how fast and responsive he was!

He has probably already reached the apex of feedback-dom, so my comment will not contribute much. I doubt anyone would be disappointed when buying from or selling to Stephen.
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Stephen built me a balanced b22 amp. He is a class act, and his correspondence and workmanship is fantastic.

The amplifier looks great and sounds even better.

1st rate Head-Fier.
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I bought a SRD7 from Stephen, (he is a second generation Greek-American, I am a first generation one). The unit belonged to "billykansas".

I was going to buy his Sigma Pro at the same time. Unfortunately this was my first transaction ever and as I was trying to send money through pay pal I encountered a problem and could only transfer a fraction of the amount.

I tried to pay him through my US based account but I run through problems (Patriot Act) not having a US address.

He is highly recommended and now that I have finally resolved my problems I will be able to easily transact with my friend fellow Greek-American.
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I bought thrice's EM700ti clip-ons. Smooth transaction, great communication and fast shipping. I would definately recommend him.

Thank you!
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