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Original iPod Shuffle with case.

Bought an original iPod Shuffle from Thrice (still the iPod with the best headphone out) and the item was exactly as described. Also, it was shipped the same day as my payment was received.

Great seller. I will not hesitate to buy from him again.

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I bought his second pair of W100 drivers as one of my broke down.

Just like the last time there were no flaws in the transaction and I have to say that the parcel would have survived WW3 easily...such a stury packing for two small drivers! Awesome.

I am looking forward to the next time I'll have business with him.

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I bought some Stax phones from thrice and they were exactly as described. Add to that great communication and fast shipping and he comes highly recommended.
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Headphile Lambda Pro

I purchased his Headphile Lambda Pro. Another perfect transaction on . Thanks again Stephen!
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sold stephen my W100 headphones. i put up an interest check for them and he made me a very fair offer. the rest of the transaction was a breeze. quick payment. friendly communication. i was somewhat sad to see these go (not easy headphones to find) but i'm glad they went to a great head-fier.

enjoy the W100s.
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sold him a pair of hd580 headphones. super fast payment and was very easy to deal with.

Thanks again
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Bought a Rockhopper Mini from Stephen. It looks great, arrived fast and well packed. Can't ask for more than that.
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Bought some HD-580's from Stephen. They were packaged well and comms was great. Recommended.
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Bought a pair of headphones from Stephen. The communication was great. The shipping was fast. The headphones are as described. In other words: The deal was perfect.
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Bought a Rockhopper Mini^3 from Stephen. Sounds great, looks great, build and shipping time was fast, and pricing was incredibly low. Nuff said.
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I sold Stephen a HD600 and the transaction was flawless. Highly recommended.
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I sold a Cardas headphone cable to thrice. The transaction went very well: very fast payment and excellent communication
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Sold my Dynalo rev. c bd to Thrice. He send me payment right away. A great buyer.

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He built my an Opus DAC and an M^3. Amazing build quality, amazing aesthetics, I got way more than I expected! There was a small hiccup in the transaction, but overall, it was a great experience.
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paid for a mini^3 around november, didnt receive it in christmas, thrice promised to send again, now it is feb, and nothing is in sight...... i dont want to say thrice totally ripped me off as it seems i am the only one with such a bad experience with him, but this has become ridiculous........ thrice, i swear on my family, i NEVER received anything from you since november, not one, not two

UPDATE from FEB 04, Finally got the amp.....woo.....thanks thrice
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