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B&O beoplay H6 or Aedle VK1

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I haven't found many reviews on either of these headphones. I was wondering if any of you knew which headphone sounds better, they both look great and are around the same price range.
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The B&O sounds excellent, if a little coloured with the B&O "house sound" i.e. a sheen in the treble. Haven't heard the Aedle but it looks more fashion than sound quality oriented. Both are a little overpriced IMO but that's to be expected from boutique brands.
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I am auditioning H6 in store today, so will update my thoughts afterwards as far as what I have read about it, it certainly does not provide premium sq, but its stylish look and comfort of wearing make it perfect for portable use.
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I just got these yesterday. The construction appears to be excellent. Very light and comfortable. The sound is good. Treble may be a bit bright, but it's not harsh. My only disappointment so far is the bass; very minimal. I generally prefer a warmer sound. Not sure I'll keep them even though I love the way they look and feel.
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