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Doubt in taking Beyer DT 770 or DT 1350

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Hi friends, I want to take new headphones and at the beginning I was thinking about the dt770 pro 80...I need closed cans...and yes I'm a bassheadbiggrin.gif.


But now I'm thinking to buy the dt1350 because these are also portable (I understand that portable is a relative concept, but for me the dt770 are not classified as portable) and I would like to buy headphones that are not confined to home use only. The dt770 price is half the price of the dt1350. So I'm asking your opinion about that? If anyone have both please tell me differences.


It's clear that both have an excellent sound quality but I am particularly interested in the depth of the low that is the fact that the IEM not satisfy me (I have a pair of vsonic gr07). And I want to know if it's worth buying the dt1350? is the Tesla Tecnology really an improvement? And about the soundstage, I think that the soundstage of the dt770 is wider due to the bigger driver, am I wrong? Any advice is welcome.


Additional information: I use an amp so power isn't a problem.


Thanks in advance to all.

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I don't know the 80Ohm version but owned the 770LE 32Ohm for some time while I still own the DT1350. So talking from memory here...

While the 770 had impressive bass response, it always sounded a bit distant in the mids/highs to me. I just like the DT13050 more in that regard, plus their low-key bass thats goes very deep without bloat, stays clean throughout and has amazed me time and time again. Not by volume but by its ability to go deep when that is called for. Its not what I'd call a basshead can, but when the seal is right (positioning may be a bit tricky in the beginning and until the pads soften up a little bit) the bass is fantastic.


Comfortwise the 770 wins of course, but I'd never want to take it out -- the DT1350 is clearly better in that regard with its much smaller cups that even fold flat.


There is a slightly updated version of the DT1350 on its way (often referred to as 'facelift'). So far there is no reason to expect sonic changes, jsut headband and pads got modified and the cups are all dark now. I don't think its mandatory to wait for that new version though.

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When is the new version coming out? Has anyone tried them?
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In Europe they seem to be already available, e.g. at Thomann (which currently only lists the CC version, so its the new one for sure).


In the main DT1350 thread someone got information from RazorDogAudio who seem to have secured a few units for the US:


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Thanks plakat for your comparison, I'm a bit more oriented to dt1350; how many versions of dt1350 exist? I've read some posts but I don't understand well, can you help me?


Apart of beyerdynamic product now I'm thiking to buy instead the v-moda m100, what do you think?



...the bad thing of headphones: you have to buy in a closed box and, only after spending all you have, you can know if you like it...frown.gif

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There ist the original DT1350 and a new facelift edition that just came out. As far as I know there were no changes to the sonic signature, just comfort-related changes (wider earpads, better headband cushion) plus a new version with a coiled cable.


The M-100 is a nice, fun headphone if you're into electronic music of any kind (which the DT1350 also does very well btw.): the M-100s bass is quite impressive, but definitely not neutral. For other genres I'd recommend the DT1350 as its a more neutral headphone and therefore more versatile. Its also easier to transport as if folds flat (plus the cups are much smaller).

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Thanks for the advice, finally I decide to buy the dt 1350, the non facelift version because costs something less

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I think you made a good choice, the DT1350 is a very versatile headphone. Actually its the only one I now own for more than 2 years, many others came and left in that time...

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