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LL Cool J -- Authentic (A listener's review)

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There is more important things occupying my mind

Like being there for you, breathing the air for you

Do trust falls and truth or dare for you

The weight of the world I'm prepared to bear for you

The haters get cynical and call you spoiled

Not knowing 'bout the drama in which you're embroiled

The numerous pit falls, the tussle and the toil

The Farmers taught me to put seeds in the soil

And here comes the harvest, this part's the hardest

I'm still here regardless




  Every so often a song comes along at exactly the right moment in life that it becomes both emotionally devastating and uplifting at the same time. That is what occurred with "Not Leaving You Tonight" from LL Cool J's first album in 5 years Authentic, also his first not released on Def Jam records. With well crafted lyrics, a great chorus sung by Fitz and the Tantrums, and a superb guitar solo by none other than Eddie Van Halen, the infectious rhythm of this track twisted it's way into my consciousness helping me through an emotionally charged night as I resolved to be there regardless. It quickly became my favorite pop/rap song of 2013, and a solace in the turbulence of my life at the moment. This is the power of music and is subjective to ones frame of mind and circumstances.


  Based on the strength of my emotional response to "Not Leaving You Tonight" I truly wanted to like the rest of the album, and sadly I find it tiring. Tiring and slightly embarrassing, like watching the older gentleman at a night club dressed like he's eighteen and trying to dance with everything that moves, this album just try’s to hard to be cool. From the title, to LL's constant reminder that he helped start it all, it just seems fake. The use of guest stars on almost every track shows a lack of faith in ones own abilities, and unlike the cohesion that the guests brought to "Not Leaving You Tonight" it leaves the album feeling splintered and taped together. As a whole this album fails. LL Cool J should possibly stick to acting, because that is clearly what he is doing on much of this album.

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I'm totally with you on the rest of the record.

I love the bassline and the overall groove of the one track - but boy did they F____ this all up.

They shoulda done a record based around that track

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