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Newbie from PA

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Hey everybody I've cruised around the forums for a while but only recently signed up. I recently purchased my first decent pair of in ear headphones. I bought the Bowers and Wilkins C5 after doing some research. I wanted something that sounded great for all types of music. I listen to just about anything and these were in my price range. Looking forward to learning more about and enjoying better quality music. Thanks!
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Welcome to Head-Fi. Sorry about your wallet smily_headphones1.gif

Just curious. What kind of source/electronics are you using with your B&W C5s?
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Thanks glad to be here. Right now I use them to listen to my iTunes library on my iphone through iTunes Match. But I am very open to suggestions on other set ups that would make my listening experiences better.
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That's a pretty good setup with your iPhone smily_headphones1.gif
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An iPhone is enough to drive B&W C5. If you want to get most of it try upgrading your library to higher bitrate. If you want to get more our of it you can consider buying a cheap but decent DAC/Amp like FiiO E07K (If you have an iPhone 4s or earlier. DAC function will not work with 5)

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Ok awesome. I already did convert my whole library to 256 Kbps. I'm pretty sure that's all iTunes allows for downloaded songs from iTunes. As far as the DAC I have an iPhone 5. Is it possible for the DAC like the FiiO E07K to work on an iPod nano 6th generation with the 30 pin line out dock cable? Like this one
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Yes E07K will work with your iPod nano if it has 30pin connector. You just need a cable like L9 to use it. Still you will not be using the DAC function of E07K but sound will not be double amped this way so it will sound better.

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Gotcha. I was also looking around amazon at the other FiiO products. Would there be any benefit to using the FiiO E6? its about the same size as my iPod and wouldn't be that bad carrying around. Also would it be beneficial for an amp with a higher end iem like the sennheiser ie80's? I've had my eye on them for a while after listening to the ie8's. Just want to make sure depending on what amp I get, it'll be beneficial to use later on down the road if I upgrade headphones.
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FiiO E6 will just give some additional boost to the sound but don't expect much improvement in the sound quality. If you are not dying for mobility I would still suggest E07K or E11. Also for ie80 is too high class to benefit from a simple amp like E6. Better use it alone.


When it comes to portable DAC/Amps I suggest people FiiO E07K or FiiO E17. Anything better than these will cost you around $500 (For example Vamp Verza that costs $600). For sure there is a significant difference between E07K and Vamp Verza but do you really need it at the moment? That is the question you need to ask yourself.

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iPhones have pretty good SQ. I would wait until you can make a bigger upgrade on amp/DAC. Save for the E17. smily_headphones1.gif
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Ok that's what I thought about the E6. Mobility isn't a real big deal. I think I might end up going with the E17 and possibly getting an iPod classic because I only have about 1gb left on my iPod nano and wanted something with more space. And then connect them with the L9 LOD. Thanks for all the help and sorry for all the questions. Still new at this but I am already learning a lot!
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Or, wait and get the FiiO X3. It''s built around the E17 DAC and headphone amp. Takes micro SD card, so you can add storage up to 64GB.
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When is that thing gonna come out? James told me that they'd be out late June, early July.
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Wow I didn't even see the X3 on their site. Just checked it out and that would probably be a great alternative. I'm also curious when it'll be released.
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Release date is July for US, early August international. Mp4nation had (may still) a pre order deal with free headphones. There was also a small discount code. Skim the last couple of weeks of that thread.
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