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New Version avalaibele:

Most interesting change: USB/Dock effect support 


But I can't get USB Audio to work with V4A. If USB Audio works for somebody, please post your android device, music player and DAC.

My setup: Galaxy Tab 2, jetAudio Player Pro, ODAC.

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I have the latest version but I couldn't get V4A to work via USB on my Note 3 either.


I was surprised that Poweramp worked (though briefly) with the Dragonfly, period.  I'm just glad V4A works from the headphone out. It wasn't the most stable install after a root process that wasn't great either. It works all day (thru the headphone out) with only minor interrupts, so I'm content with that for now.

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I have a rooted Verizon note 3 running hyperdrive rom which has V4A baked in. The version of Viper I'm on is and USB audio works with the stock Samsung music player, using a fiio e18.

Right now I'm having the best luck with sound quality out of Viper using the dynamic system setting and all other settings off. No EQ, gain, etc. The convolver settings are very interesting but I've yet to find one that works with my IEMs or Momentums.

Guess I'll stick with this version and not update although I honestly didn't find much difference between the DAC on the e18 and my note 3. Or maybe I'm still too inexperienced to hear the differences. 99% of my music is mp3s at 320 or FLAC files.

EDIT: when not using an amp or using the amp portion only from the e18 I use GoneMAD music player. I've tried a ton of the apps and like this one best.
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I'm thinking of downgrading (from to a previous version on my Note 3. It sounds great most of the time, but I'm having a problem that I can't pin down. The music will suddenly and briefly drop out. Plus, on a few occasions,  it seems unstable and doesn't quite sound its best.

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Have you try to move the app from /data/app to /system/app with a root explorer ? This solved the intermitent sound drop for me.


With the latest version when using the High Quality driver is really impressive, I had to change my profiles but now I'm get the most of my IEM's (SD3, XBA4, IE80), can't beleive what I can output of my "old" Note2 !

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Originally Posted by Migou67 View Post

Have you try to move the app from /data/app to /system/app with a root explorer ? This solved the intermitent sound drop for me.


With the latest version when using the High Quality driver is really impressive, I had to change my profiles but now I'm get the most of my IEM's (SD3, XBA4, IE80), can't beleive what I can output of my "old" Note2 !


I haven't tried that, and thanks for the solution. Since I wrote about the problem,  it hasn't reoccurred. If it does happen again, I'll try your solution.


When I first bought the 846, the obvious thing was it had more bass than the 535. When I installed V4A on my old Galaxy S2 (to experiment), I discovered the 846 has greater sub bass depth than I first imagined. Now with the Note 3 (and V4A), I am all in on Shure marketing of true subwoofer.  It is the real deal! I didn't think you could get that kind of  sub-bass resonance without a big box in an appropriate room (or, the trunk of a car).


Edit to add: My IE8 sound pretty nice too with the same settings as the 846.

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I'm really impressed how my SG Note 2 sounds with this application. I'm coming from Eizo Rewire but ViPER is much better.



There are my settings (headset):


1. Master Power: ✔

2. Playback Gain Control: ✔ - Effect Strength: Slight - Max Gain: 6x - Max Output: -3.0 dB

3. FIR Equalizer: ✔ - Preset: Acoustic

4. Convolver: ✔ - Impulse Response: Sanyo Bass Xpander (Z-Edition) - Cross Channel: 5%

5. Field Surround: ✘

6. Differential Surround: ✘

7. Headphone Surround +: ✔ - Effect Quality: Level 2

8. Reverberation: ✘

9. Dynamic System: - Listening Device: High-end headphone(v2) - Dynamic Bass: 16 Percent - Tube Simulator(6N1J): ✘

10. Fidelity Control - ViPER Bass: ✔ - Bass Mode: Natural bass - Bass Frequency: 66 Hz - Select Bass Boost: 6.0 dB - ViPER Clarity: ✔ - Clarity Mode: XHiFi - Select Clarity: 8.0 dB

11. Auditory System Protection Cure Tech+: ✔ - Binaural Level: Slight

12. Master Gate(Limiter) - Ouput Gain: 2.9 dB - Channel Pan: 0.5:0.5 - Limit Threshold: -1.0dB

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I turned off Select Clarity Mode and turned on the new Viper-DDC and chose my earphone (Shure SE846) from the list. I usually don't like those things in other software, but this is okay.

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My InEar SD3 is not in the list, cannot try the new DDC settings at the moment ! But is nice to know that the result is ok for you ;)

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Any one else got problems with viper conflicting with google maps navigation?  I have to turn off viper or it crashes all sound when I start up google maps navigation.  This is on a moto x with kitkat 4.4.2.

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Working fine for me on a stock 4.3 Note2, normaly Kitkat 4.4.2 will be available soon for me, it's already under deployment for the Note2 in France, hope I can let you know soon if is a problem with the OS version. Try also to post your issue at XDA ...

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I think I found a solution. If I put viper into fx compatible mode it doesn't kill the sound to the speaker and lock up Google maps navigation. I'll try it in actual car use tomorrow. I was just playing with it at my desk and it didn't give me problems right away. Usually when I have the problem it happens as soon as Google maps navigation starts to talk and doesn't even finish the first sentence of instructions.

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This post is redirected from the $999 vs $99 challenge tour.

Here are the cheapo phones that I think can be easily obtained from the market for which I have created premium Digital Acoustic Correction impulse responses:
JVC FX12 (done)
Philips SHE8000 / 8005 (done)
Philips SHE3590 (update pending)

List will be expanded depending on people's interest level.
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I have been tinkering with this app for a very long while and I personally love it compassionately. It turns my S4 into a sound machine that rivals my SB ZxR. 


If you have an S4, a pair of Grado 60's or Koss KSC75's with the kramar mod and like alittle bass kick and crisp higher end then try this profile: 



It's constantly being tweaked but I find that profile sounds great with both pairs of headphones.


The main reason I started using it was I like to listen to audiobooks in my car and I ran into one that was recorded with very low quality. I used to use it to boost the treble to make it easier to hear. Eventually I started messing with some of the more advanced settings and decided to add a gate/limiter so keep the audio more even. I found the gate worked very well with podcasts where there was very little normalization. 


If you're willing to try it out I think its one of the best tools for producing a very enriched and customized sound relatively easily with some tinkering. 




I saw above someone mention USB Out? Is this an option? That'd be awesome if this could be bypassed to better audio out with an amp!


EDIT 2: 


Holy crap! I plugged in my SB E1 into the USB OTG cable coming out of my phone and it worked! The control was with the Phone Speaker tab but it works!! 

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I just stumbled on this from the ZX1 thread. Playing around on my Samsung Galaxy J SC-02F using Play Music. Interesting, rather digital but I'll probably need play with a lot more settings. Rather interesting though!!

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