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For Sale: Whiplash Audio TWag v3 SOLD

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For Sale:
Whiplash Audio TWag v3 SOLD

Will Ship To: USA

Perfect TWag V3 for custom for custom IEMs. This is the 48" OM (overmold IEM connectors) version. Has a straight Viablue on the other end. I just got this from another member and it has probably less than 10 hours total use. Like new condition.


 Sound great on my JH13s but I'm not done experimenting and want to try a few more. I've tried 7 high end cables and these have been the best overall so far. This cable is pure silver. I haven't been a fan of added gold cables as they get a bit mid forward for me. On the v3, Whiplash increased the strand count and gauge (24.5). The result IMO is a cable that has a unemphasized, natural balance that's silver clean. Physically, It's slightly heavier but very soft and easy to use without any discernible memory.


Price is firm and fees come from your end. Thanks for looking.

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