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I normally wouldn't have an issue of seeing 10+ videos on one page if it wasn't for the fact that it cripples and stalls my entire system (Macbook Pro with OS X Lion, Firefox 22.0, 4 GB RAM, 2.5 GHz i5).  Like trying to view something like this: takes about 10 minutes and stalls my entire system and just eats up memory like nothing else.  I actually don't know how many videos are on that one page, but it stalls my system to even view it.  I like music, and good music, as much as the next person, but having one person post 6+ videos, then the response coming with 6 more is kind of ridiculous (I didn't actually count the number of videos, read above). 


With all that said, is it possible to limit the number of YouTube videos that can be embedded into a post?  It'd be beautiful if somehow there could be some sort of algorithm to create a playlist of all embedded videos and put them into one embedded video, but such an algorithm doesn't exist.