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SilverFi D-2 vs.Oyaide DR-510 Digital cables & SilverFi Spirit SG vs. Rumi SG interconnects REVIEW - Page 5

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Cables still on their way to maguire
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Still waiting for the cables to arrive....

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Slow boat.......
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we need northeast winds :)

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Wrong thread. Please delete.

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The Cables have landed......Well Australia is a long way away you know.....:)

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Wow to look at these cables is a "Turkish Delight" for the eyes........Sezai is a master craftsman.......I have never seen cable like this before.

Now I cant wait to hear what they can do.

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Just an update guys,

I am currently burning in my speakers with all 3 cables also in the equation, until at least the earliest time of next week.

so at this time unable to post any findings other than their looks & build quality.

The burn in will im sure bring positive results to the cables also........

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I burned them in so they have over 200 hrs on them. Also if you connect the three , they burn in together.
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Well lets just say they are going to be cooked well done....when I have finished.  Currently using 2 with 1 system &  the Rumi with the other.

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i was in my summer mountain house this weekend. antalya-geyikbayırı is also universally famous for its goat cheese, olive and oliveoil and mountain climbers.

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Well I have had the Cables long enough now, I have been burning in my speakers as you all well know. My speakers have not been fully burned in, due to the many days of drinking, eating etc which comes with the Festive spirit of things.

But I did get always get the chance to listen to Music through the time of burn in, so everything was not a waist of time.....My best listening sessions were done today. What did I think.....

OK I have 2 systems, 1 featuring the W4S SE pre Dac2 & SX1000 mono blocks class D set up, paired with Rethm Maarga speakers, which don't let anything hide that's for sure....Although these speakers need a much longer break - in period, I was satisfied enough that I could give a fair judgment call on the sound.

I used Sezai's Shaman & Spirit cable on this from the very beginning, so I was quite used to the sound.

The thing is its when I replaced these cables to my own cables which I had purchased from the 4 sale threads here on Headfi, which in fact replaced the original W4S cables. I could hear the sonic difference between these new cables & the W4S cables after some listening, not a huge amount but the quality was higher than the original, so I mean I read the reviews about Sezai's cables but its only as stated before, when I replaced them with others,

its only then that it hit me hard......This Review will be about what I heard after I replaced Sezai's cables.


What had happened to the sound? Where was that 3D like sound stage gone? it was a flat 2 stage now.

Gone was the Dynamics, meaning when you hear all the instruments from quite to loud, the music sounded labored, I'm not kidding...The bass that was snappy tight & fast was now sounding like I was feeling after feasting ....bloated & slow to react. The mids were also effected , lost ...Recessed somewhere in the background, the highs were not going to escape either, These Maargas will let you know don't worry about that.. They revealed the highs to be extreme, harsh sounding, extremely fatiguing after half an hour listening.

As I mentioned earlier the 3D Presentation was definitely gone, sound staging was weird, Before I was able to shut my eyes and place the musicians in my room now it seems all jumbled less defined. Yes I took it for granted that my system sounded good but the removing of The Shaman & Spirit Cables has got me on a downer big time.....Its like the hangover after a heavy drinking session with good friends, now it made my head hurt, my appetite for music is not there, I'm depressed......Who would have thought some cables can bring so much to your system?


Now on to the Rumi....Do we have to??????? My head is starting to ache even more now.......

The Rumi was connected to my main amps also consisting of SX1000 Mono's Dodge6 CD player no dac Audio gd ref 7 pre, Ambience Ref1600 speakers which are a ribbon Hybrid. After Listening to what his cables did in my small room I was certainly reluctant to take the Rumi off my main set up. I was in for one mighty Shock...It was like night & day ....Hey who through the blanket over my system???? Oh no here we go again, This time the difference was even more stark.... I am too despondent to write anymore about these cables.....I just took it for granted my system sounded a certain way but now I'm left scratching my head having to pass these things on....Do I really have to???? Yes because they deserve to be heard by as many people as possible. 

Sezai, your art is of a different world, your passion is interwoven in every thread of these gorgeous cables. They are a Masterpiece of thought, craft and design. Even though I am reaching for the Aspirins for my Audio Hangover, Your cables have shown me what can be done, One day I hope to purchase these cables..... Thank You again Sezai, for giving me the opportunity to taste & hear your wonderful cables.

Now I don't know who is next on the list....can you pls PM me with your details......Oh ye don't forget to get some Aspirin......

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Thanks Stan, very clear and to the point impressions mate.

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