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The new and improved NuForce NE-700M, NE-650M. - Page 3

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If you look on the pictures they have on the box, it should be the improved one. Otherwise it should not have SE on the end I think.
I ordered NE-700M-SE, lets see about 2 weeks when I have it.

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Originally Posted by PeterDLai View Post

For those interested, you can use the Best Offer option on this eBay listing to get the NE-700X for $50 shipped. Those in California or Kentucky will have to pay sales tax, however: CA(9.0%), KY(6.0%).


You can try offering a lower price, but you only have 3 Best Offer chances before it locks you out for this listing. The accept/decline response seems to be instant and automatic, so the retailer probably has a set lowest price they will sell it for.


They also have the NE-700M available, but I'm not sure what they will accept as a Best Offer for those. They have them on their actual website for $59.99.


Just as a warning, their description on the NE-700X (in aqua silver color) is wrong as it will NOT have the in-line microphone and control. If you want that feature, you have to get the NE-700M (smoky bronze color only).

Thanks!  I offered $48 and was declined, but accepted at $49!  Will be comparing them to my Zero Audio Carbo Tenore

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ohhhh I just bought NE-700M-SE for $60 2 days ago from the seller :-(

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Originally Posted by Grayson73 View Post

Are you sure that this is the new and improved version?


All of the pictures they have for them indicate it's the newer version (right angle jack, matte chassis, the label on the box), so I'd say it's very likely.

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This is great timing. I'm needing another IEM and good old DSNuts has made a rec that's sounds too good to refuse. biggrin.gif


Might just have to get on the NE-700M-SE hype train and hear where it's going to take me. 



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Did anyone besides Dsnuts hear them yet? Are these a better choice than the Bassos as an allrounder (mostly EDM)? And is it an upgrade to the S500?

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Not sure if its an upgrade but being able to get a similar sound to the Bassos and to buy in the US is a plus. I will say that the Nuforce's are very, very good.
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mine are on the way, another plus is avoiding the basso driver flex ppl are having.

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Originally Posted by daveyostrow View Post

mine are on the way, another plus is avoiding the basso driver flex ppl are having.

yeppp their driver flex scared me away from the bassos. Will see how these compare........... soon. ph34r.gif

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I just received the new and improved NE-700X and they are VERY GOOD!  Thanks DSNUTS for the recommendation!  Still need to break-in and listen more to determine whether I like these better or the Zero Audio Carbo Tenore.

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Yup they do need burn in. I noticed the mid bass especially being much more tighter with around a 100 hours of burn in which actually makes them sound a touch less warm more natural sounding.
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hopefully, the bass is a bit overpowering atm. lets see how burn in goes

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I received a pair of the updated NE-700M from NuForce and I can definitely say they're better balanced than the original NE-700X I had but I do think the bass is a wee bit overpowering for average listeners. But me being the basshead that I am, I love it. biggrin.gif

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I like the sound on these but need to test one more thing so if someone with new NE-700x can make a frequency response curves grapf for these and post it here?? Cant find this on web and I dont have the skill...Pls..

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I received the new improved Nuforce NE-700M yesterday and let it burn in for 24 hours.
I just love how it sounds. Is bassheavy but you can hear all the details excellent. I just love the Nuforce sound.
I had a pair of NE-7M before and when it was broken, I tried to buy a serveral different IEM for replacing it.
Amongs them Moshi Vortex, Bose mie2i, Nocs NS200. They are all good IEMs but I was missing the sound from NE-7M.

Also I can confirmed the seller mentioned on Ebay  sell genuine improved version of NE-700M, everything boxed.
The new improved one doesn´t come with triple flange. It comes with 2 pair of each size bud (small, medium, large), yes with 2 pairs of each :-D

Now me and my ears are very happy again. I will listen to the advice here and let them burn in 100 hours more, thanks.

I don´t have high end IEMs, but I must say this is the best pair of IEM I had in my life, I just love the Nuforce sound.

By the way, try it with Alicia Keys - Try sleeping with a broken heart. What a sound.
I have tried NE-700M with R&B, salsa, house and more, all sounds excellent. I´m so happy with it.

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