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New Headset

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I am looking at a buying Skullcandy SLYR's with a Asus Xonar DGX, I'm on a budget and wondering if this would be a good budget set up and if the sound card would be worth it?


Currently using a Gamecom headsets which I find has no bass at all, everything sound tinny.


Main thing I will be doing is gaming and some music, when watching TV etc got a set of speakers that are more comfortable that wearing a pair of cans.


Needs to have a mic and rather not have to use a clip on as found them lacking, modmic is tad expensive so a headset seem the best choice I know wont get the best sound but still want something good. Any recommendation if you think the above isn't worth while?

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I just bought the Xonar DGX and I'm very happy with it. No problems at all with the latest Asus drivers on Win 8. Dolby Headphone sounds great and I'm putting the amp to good use.
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I'd recommend spending $30 more on the DX.  I had both and the DX sounds much better.  The only con is that you have to supply a 4-pin power cable to it.


Also, on win7, I had crashes on both cards until I installed the unified driver (google it).

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I recommend the Sibera V2 from SteelSeries then. I hear a lot of good things about them! 


Another one is the Razer Kraken.

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Get a used PC350/360. They are both solid with good sound positioning. 

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I have plantronics gamecom 780 and i'm happy with it

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Originally Posted by fenrir35 View Post

I have plantronics gamecom 780 and i'm happy with it


We don't usually recommend "Gaming" headsets, like Razer and other similar brands. 

post #8 of 8 is new, the "rumble effect" versions for Xbox and PS3 are unique. Might want to visit the site to get more info.

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