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Something to réservé thé life of my aux port on my phone

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So I had a galaxy s3 for about 6 months then the aux port became defective and all 15 pairs of my headphones only had audio from the left or right channel, forgot which one. Anyway I got a new phone because of this, I got the htc one m7 and like it a lot more but I am terrified of this happening.

I was raised to take good care of my things so I am already very careful and aware of how things are soldered, etc so be careful which I was with my s3. Anyway what can I do to make this last as long as possible, is there a mini adapter I can keep plugged in at all times? I also have this concern with the micro usb input, would a mophie case be a good idea and just keep it on permanently? I want this phone to last me at least a year with heavy use.

I am constantly switching headphones and charging the phone and know each time I plug something in it weakens the solder and i am not capable of repairing it myself.

Thanks for letting me post this. I am a huge follower of everything on this site and do all my homework for all my audio investments here.

Thank you

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There's something you must understand first: how do you think the jack got faulty in the first place? is not from switching headphones precisely... Been careful is far more important than any kind of protection. 

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I'm very careful, I pull the cable out very carefully never does anything get jerked out, that's why I didn't understand how that happened.. My ipod is 5 years old running strong but my s3 goes after 5 months?

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My question was about something I use to not need to plug then unplug over and over. Something I can leave plugged into the phone that is in permananfly as an adapter

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If you leave an adapter plugged in, it's going to stick out constantly and possibly cause damage because of that, especially if you dropped it the wrong way.. The only sort of adapter i know of for that kind of thing is those resistance adaptors or 3.5mm splitters, though I'm sure you can have something made up for you or put one together yourself. It's an unusual thing to want because people don't exactly tend to need that sort of thing, they just use their audio ports like intended. That honestly sounds like a defect with your S3 (or the S3 in general?) that should have been replaced under warranty. It's an audio port, for heaven's sake, they're supposed to handle plugging in and out or we'd all be babying all our gear's 3.5mm ports with special protectors. I still have an S1 whose audio port is absolutely fine after daily use for three years.

Honestly, I think you were just unlucky. Don't worry too much. Or get a DAC with OTG support and use that. But then you risk damaging your USB port, haha. And trust me, you are much more screwed with that being damaged. I know from experience frown.gif.

Life happens. Just enjoy your stuff. Claim your warranties or get these things repaired if you get unlucky.
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Great feedback thanks. I also have been unlucky with aux cables on iems, I just had a pair of hifiman re400's lose their left channel along with my klipsch s4 and x10i's all in the past two months, I returned the re400's and got TDK ba200's and keep a cable plugged into it then going into my phone. I honestly baby everything I own but I always get defective items. I hope that's the case with my s3.

Its rooted so I haven't taken it in under warranty until I unroot and triangle away to hide everything all.

Is it worth getting an amp for my HTC one? I only use iems but I want the highest quality possible.

Sorry I'm all over the place with my questions. I opened a separate thread but nobody is responding...


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I don't know what DAC the HTC One has (what "Beats audio" means is anyone's guess), but you may well benefit from an amp. I would probably go for an amp/dac combo for a phone if I'm going to be carrying something extra around. There's no point in amping if your source is poor. The S3, if you have the international version, has an excellent DAC chip IIRC. My S1 sounds great with its Wolfson chip and the international S3 has a good Wolfson as well. For reasons unknown, Samsung likes to release crippled versions of their phones into the US.

Not too difficult to unRoot your phone, return software to original in order to claim warranty. Go on, it's worth it.

About earphone plugs... Yeah, that's luck of the draw as well. This is where a lot of IEMs break, which is why I'm rather fussed about 'phones that don't come with removable cables, especially the premium-priced ones. You can get these things repaired, of course, or even do it yourself if you're feeling handy. But you might want to look into some earphones with removable cables if you know you're a magnet for bad lack in that area.

I still think you shouldn't have to resort to keeping cables plugged in like that. I suppose another option, if you don't want to mess with your phones AUX jack is to just use one of those headphone extension cords.... Although just a little one. But still, I think it's silly to have to treat gear like that. You pay a lot for it, so it shouldn't be built like junk.
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I think you are worrying too much and the adapter isnt a good idea, anyways it is possible to fix the headphone port of an s3. I have no knowledge of s3 internals but ive opened up my s2 to fix the usb port, also know how to take every small part of it off. Heres the part you need if you still have the phone
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Considering warranty, this isn't something one should need to fix oneself. Rooting already voids warranty (if you unRoot, then it's not like they can tell), but opening your phone up and trying some DIY? Why, when you have warranty that should rightly cover this sort of thing for free? You could do a lot more damage that way and really screw yourself over. I'm all for DIY, but I think it would just be dumb in this case, especially as I get the impression that OP doesn't really do that sort of thing or the failing plugs/wires on earphones would be less of an issue.

I do agree that the adapter isn't a good idea. You drop your phone the wrong way and it impacts on that adapter sticking out, you are going to be so displeased with the kind of damage it will do. I've dropped things that have protruding plugs from whatever jack or port and really effed them up. I doubt warranty would cover such obvious damage in that case, while your S3 is probably in good enough condition that it really can be argued that the jack was faulty and wasn't damaged by mishandling on your part. Come with a phone with a totally destroyed jack from the protruding adapter you dropped it on and your warranty will be laughed at.
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Re: Something to r

Thanks a bunch for the feedback. I have this adapter cable I keep plugged into my tdk ba200's so I don't wear it's jack out, I keep having to send in my higher end iems and then have to use low end iems for weeks while waiting for the repair / exchange. My s3 looks exactly the same as it did out of box.

Not one tiny scratch on the screen or anything just the jack. I purchased triangle away from the play store to remove the evidence of a flashed Rom but read a few reviews of people bricking their phones after applying the triangle away patch so that scared me away.

My girlfriend is using the s3 right now while I wait to get it fixed. Been working so much I haven't had time to think let alone do this.

Anyway does anyone know if I would benefit from a fiio e7 connected to my HTC One via usb togo ? It has a snapdragon 600 so it should have the same dac as the galaxy s4 I know it sounds better then my s3 by far and on par with my iPhone 4s maybe a little better in the sound stage and bass department.

Thanks for everyone's input!

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