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Originally Posted by SurfBoy23 View Post

Thanks again.

As to what I wanna hear:

it's not like I wanna hear the vocals in front on top of everything else - that's not what I meant.

I wanna hear "it all": acoustic guitars, electric guitars, piano, vocals, vioin, sax, ukulele, base line, drums too.

so I guess the more balanced the sound (and the least interfered internal EQ shape of the headphones, I guess), the better.


btw: I know about R2-WH and the only difference between these and R2 seems to be that these are not just cable-only but also for some reason everywhere I heard people say that these sound way worse ...


Regarding B2:

these seem to be completely different than R+ or R2:

- different membranes

B2 only have 2 x 40mm 50Ω membranes as opposed to R2: 2 woofers (50mm 32Ω) and 6 3D speakers (13mm 16Ω)

- plus frequency response:
B2 have barely basic range of 20Hz-20kHz while R2 declares 5Hz-25kHz

- also RF sensitivity:

B2 declares barely < -85dBm (PER 1%) as opposed to R2 has RF sensitivity: 110dB+/-3dB

- and B2 are Bluetooth only - I don't see no mention of cable operation of B2 (as opposed to R2), and I'd like to have that possibility

- aptx: in the description of B2 there is no mention of B2 supporting aptx - as opposed to R2

- and then it surprises me that the declared weight of smaller B2 is bigger (223g) than the weight of bigger R2 (210g)

and then You are saying that they sound better and way better :)

so I don't really know what to think about B2 ... :)


By the way: You mentioned those arriving at Your store. Could You tell the pricing of R+, R2, B2.


Thanks again for Your help.

Sorry for the late reply, work has been REAL BUSY lately!!!!! :(


For the B2, it does not have 3.5mm line-in, no SD card plugin, no FM radio, it's built only for Bluetooth music, a Bluetooth 4.0 but  less function version of Bluedio's previous Basic. Bluedio tuned the B2 to have a more "all rounded" performance, still the bass a slightly too strong but i'm happy with it. I don't usually pay too much attention to the specification but the actually "feeling" when i listen to the same music with it than with other models. I do "feel" nicer with B2 :D


I'm from Hong Kong, the standard retail price for the 3 are

R+: HKD968 => about USD124

R2: HKD938 => about USD120

B2: HKD378 => about USD48


Might not reply quick but I'LL BE BACK!! DAMN WORK!!!



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thanks again for Your feedback.

I too pay attention to the feeling of what I listen to on one and another set of headphones, but the specs somehow at least suggest the direction of how it should sound like with certain gear - I'm sure I could put it together better, but I bet You know what I mean.

good example beats studio or pro vs monster inspiration = both with same basic frequency response bandwidth (btw both marketing crap) but inspiration just beats the crap out of any "b" headphones if it goes to ovcerall impression - but that's just an example, let's not get off topic.


Good luck with Your loads of work.

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Well, Rakuten is selling the white Monoprice Bluetooth headset for $64.99. I took the bait. Couldn't resist. I'm curious about the built-in player with the microsd card.


For that price, worth a try. If I don't like it, I'll give it to my kids. (While I procrastinate over which portable DAC/AMP combo to get and pull the trigger on the Alpha Dpog - sigh...)

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Hey guys! just a few updates on the Bluedio headphones. First of all, the R+ Legend has arrived at my shop, same audio quality as the previous R+ but i just LOVE the new colors :D (Yeah, i like fancy colors LOL makes me feel good) They comes in Sliver, Blue and Titanium (my favorite color), all shiny metal like. The NFC wordings over the earcup is gone but the NFC is still there. Made contact with the distributor and they said it happens because of a different coloring method is being used on these new headphones (i cant imagine why but well.... whatever, the NFC is there and working~). Still it's my favorite 3-ways Pop music headsets (Bluetooth/Micro SD card/3.5mm).


B2 looks good with all those colors, but it's on ear so it's an entirely different thing from R+/Legend.


Work is finally less busy, i'll keep updating, possibily some pics of the items soon :) Cheers!

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Originally Posted by GamerHAHA View Post



Work is finally less busy, i'll keep updating, possibily some pics of the items soon :) Cheers!


I'm a bit disappointed this never happened.

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Originally Posted by Tyler Durden View Post


I'm a bit disappointed this never happened.

Haha the forum notification email woke me in the mid-night and that's when i find out i forgot such promise :) Been taking these photos all morning today, so sit back, relax and feast your eyes :D (Thx for posting :) if you didn't, i might just forgot this for the rest of my life :D)

(Left to Right: Bluedio R2, B2, R+Legend and R+)


(The most expensive current model: Bluedio R+Legend)



(Flashing blue and red during pair-up mode)


(Approximately 7.5cm width and 9.5cm height soft artificial leather ear muff,  good enough to cover ears and provide satisfactory noice isolation)


(3 soft artificial leather cusions in the headband)


(Fancy metalic paint for R+Legend, the sliver and blue colors are both sold out in my shop so I can only take picutures of the less "Shiny" Titanium color)




(Bluedio R+ comes with exact same specification as R+Legend, difference are that R+ is cheaper, and comes in regular red, white and black colors only)


(R+ in red vs R+Legend in Titanium)


(Cheaper, but still fancy :) )


(R2, rectangle design version of R+, comes in black and grey, this one is grey)


(Bluedio does FANTASTIC paint job for their headsets... just remember to wash your hands everytime before you touch it :D)


(B2, less fancy, cheaper, less bass wireless headsets, comes in white, black, yellow, green and blue, again, i have only the white color still in stock for the moment)


(Lightweight, simple design !!!NOTE!!! Bluetooth ONLY! no 3.5mm linein, no microSD card playback)


I guess..... that's about it? I promise I keep checking this thread so anything u need, I'll try to help :)



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I have the 10245 (wifey has the 10246) and overall I'm very happy with them. They sound about as good as I can expect them to given that I listen to them mostly at the gym and use Pandora to listen. The range is better than I expected. Comfort is pretty good and they stay on my head pretty well. My only gripe is that they don't come with a decent case and their build quality is a little lacking. The left driver on mine went out about three weeks ago and the right one on my wife's went out the week following. Monoprice seems to be cool with the RMA process but we'll see. 


Anyhow for way less than a pair of Beats these are a great deal.

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