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HD800 Amp Pairing

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My setup currently is PC optical out -> Schiit Bifrost w/ Uber upgrade -> Little Dot MK III w/ Mullard M8161s -> HD650. I just got a pair of HD800s and did some A/B testing with the HD650s. I found the 800s to be less "musical" than the 650s. The HD800s are cleaner, have more clarity, and shine in acoustic, classical, and vocals; the HD650s are warmer in tone, and the bass is much thicker, and sound very lively in most genres. Overall I find myself preferring the sound of the 650s in most songs I tried (although I do like the resolving power of the HD800).


I would preferably keep only one of the two headphones. If my keep my current gear forever, I would go with the 650s. But I know that the HD800 really needs a much better amp to shine, so I might keep the HD800 as it could scale better with upgrades later on. So I was wondering for people who own/have owned both of these, what is an amp that helps improve the 800s in the areas that I pointed out (punchier and thicker bass, more "musical"), hopefully under or around $1000? Is it even worth it to keep the 800 to scale up later with better amps?


Also my HD800 is new, whereas I've had hundreds of hours on the HD650, so maybe it'll help to wait for the 800s to open up? Thanks in advance.

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You should read up on the Violectric V200.  It's a pairing (w/ HD800) that many enjoy and I believe the designers used the HD800 as their reference for this amp.  You can get deals on a used one or pay the $999 for a new one.  I can't speak to the HD800 but I enjoyed the V200 with my previous LCD-2.  You may end up liking the HD650 on it as well.



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Yeah I'll take a look at the V200. Maybe I'll try the anax mod as well

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Add the Soloist to your list. Great match with the HD6xx/HD800. A heavy contender for the V200

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