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DIY Charity/Non-profit Raffle (details inside)  

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A little over 10 years ago I got involved with a non-profit organization called Northeast Passage (www.nepassage.org) through a college friend of mine who had gone to work for them.  NEP is a non-profit that works with people with various types of physical disabilities.  They work with everyone from individuals born with disabilities, accident victims, wounded combat vets, etc.  They work to get them back doing the things that they loved about life before their disability or help them to find activities that make life more enjoyable.  NEP runs a nationally ranked sled hockey team, support athletes that compete in the paralympics, golf, water skiing, snow skiing, hiking, well, you get the idea.  I started out playing quad rugby and basketball with them and eventually became the event photographer for one of their major annual fundraisers, The 3 Notch Century (http://threenotchcentury.org/).  About 3 years ago an injury forced me to retire from running and I decided to take up cycling.  The natural progression was to step off the sideline at the 3-notch and get in on the fun.  The event is a grueling one, two or three day ride through northern NH that passes through 3 major notches along the route and includes some pretty brutal climbing.  Last year I did the two-day ride with two friends and this year we’re upping the ante, formally entering as a team with even more friends and doing the 1-day, 100 mile ride.  Any way you approach it it’s a great event supporting an even greater cause and I'm very much looking forward to September 7th.  Last year I raised a pretty significant amount of $ just by soliciting donations through friends and it reminded me of just how rewarding it can be to do something that directly benefits someone else.  See three years or so ago I did one of these raffles in support of a friend whose son was battling cancer.  The headphone community responded in a simply amazing fashion and ended up with a truly staggering donation.  Some of you may remember that and I hope you do.  Well, I hope this raffle crushes the total from that raffle and that said I’m sure you’re wondering just what’s up with the raffle.  



The raffle will run through August 31, 2013.  The winners will be drawn on September 1st at 8pm EST using a random number generator and the results will be posted in this thread and the winners will be individually PM’d to sort out any details (shipping mostly.).  I will cover the cost of shipping the items to the winners, including international folks. 


Tickets are $10, you may purchase as many as you like. To purchase tickets there are two key steps:


  1. Head over to http://www.active.com/donate/threenotchcentury13/natemaher and make a donation – make sure it’s a multiple of 10 if you want more than one ticket.  You don't have to make a separate donation for each ticket.
  1. Send me a PM with the # of tickets that you ”purchased” via your donation and the name under which you donated.  I’ll respond with your ticket #’s.  IMPORTANT – I’ll be receiving donations from a number of sources outside of headphone land so if you don’t do #2 you won’t be entered in the raffle.


You are of course free to simply make a donation and not enter the raffle.  In that case just don’t send me a PM here.  But I think you might want to enter once you see the list of prizes.  In either case I do want to mention that all donations are fully tax deductible (in the US anyway) since NEP is a 501c3 registered non-profit.  But onto the prizes…


Prize #1 – The Torpedo

Designed by Doug Savitsky (www.ecpaudio.com) and released to the world as a DIY project through beezar.com (Tomb) this amp was built by me as a part of the original prototyping effort prior to the fully fabricated chassis becoming available.  I picked the parts, soldered the board and did the custom machine work for the case in my basement shop.  This has been my personal dynamic amp for the last 3 years and it packs a lot of punch into a long, slender package.  It’s US spec voltage only unless you use an external ac adapter.  I’m sad to see it go but happy that it’s last act for me will be such a good one.  I'd estimate that I have well over $200 into building this not accounting for any of the labor or tooling required.




Prize #2 – a custom set of balanced or single-ended cables, length chosen by the winner

Basically I’ll build you a set of custom cables, probably with mil-spec silver plated copper wire sheathed in any color nylon multifilament you like (as long as it’s black).  Finished product will look something like the examples shown below.  I've built several sets of cables like these for friends over the years and most have suggested that (if you believe that cables make a difference) that they're top notch.



That pretty much covers it I think.  Feel free to ask questions if you’ve got them or tell me I’m crazy. And most importantly, thanks in advance for your support.



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Bump for awesomeness biggrin.gif
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Another BUMP.


Also, just a bit more about Northeast Passage.  This organization works with everyone from individuals born with disabilities, accident victims, wounded combat vets, etc.  I've met some truly inspiring people over the last 10 years through NEP and often end up feeling like my will and dedication need some work.


you try riding 100 miles using only your arms...


or maybe try it with only one leg.

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Sounds like a great cause!  Come on people! smily_headphones1.gif

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Once I sell some of my things and have some money, you can count me in for a couple of tickets. smile.gif

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Great cause Nate, helping people with disabilities conquer a task of this magnitude. I hope it's a big success!

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Thanks folks, I really appreciate the support.

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Bump it back up - one month to go.
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Glad this made the front page or I probably wouldn't have seen it. Great to see people rally around a good cause.

I'll make sure to donate in the next week. 

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Effin-A awesome that Head-Fi members are so willing to help others.  Well done Nate.

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I only have one word for you - Respect.

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Done and bump for a great cause.

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Good luck with the fund raising.

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Again, thank you for the support everyone.  The fundraising is going very well but I'm hoping to do still better!  In that vein I'm listing a pair of AKG K340s for sale today and 100% of the proceeds from that sale will be donated to this cause.

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One week to get in on the raffle!

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