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For Sale: FS: Peachtree Audio Nova (NYC Local)

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For Sale:
FS: Peachtree Audio Nova (NYC Local)

Will Ship To: Nowhere -- local only

I'd like to sell my Peachtree Nova in gloss black. ESS 9006 Sabre24 DAC, class A preamplifier and headphone amplifier (sonic resemblance to the Gilmore Lite, or so I'm told), 80 wpc integrated amplifier, tons of inputs, rollable and switchable (i.e. on/off, defeatable) 6922 tube stage. This won the Stereophile 2009 award for quite a few reasons, and it's been the centerpiece of my desktop collection for over three years.


Product Page


Also included is the original box and remote. I may also have the original manuals but I'll have to fish around a bit for it.


Looking for a local pickup only for now in Manhattan (10128). Not interested in trades. Special opportunity for serious interested buyers to audition this unit with my gear. Bundle pricing may be available with the SVS SB12-Plus subwoofer I also have listed -- shoot me a PM for details.



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Pictures uploaded.


Can't stress enough that this is an all-in-one solution -- Sabre DAC, headphone-amp, integrated amplifier and pre-amplifier all taken care of in one fell swoop with optional tube functionality. The DAC section alone has been compared favorably to that of the Benchmark DAC1 which frequently sells for at least this much $300 more.

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Price drop

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