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V-Moda M100 vs Sony MDR-1R

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Hey whats up guys?


I am looking to purchase my first set of "high quality" headphones. My main music genre is Hip-hop/Rap (mainly artists like Kendrick Lamar, J Cole, Jay Electronica but also some of the "new school" stuff) though I do listen to quite a wide range of music (Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Limp Bizkit, The Verve, Incubus, Massive Attack and a lot more). 


I read a lot of good things about these two headphones but I am not sure which one would be better suited for me. I would prefer headphones that sound decent in many genres, however, as already said hip-hop is most important. From what I have read, the M100 have boosted bass and treble with a somewhat recessed mid range. I am fairly certain that these would be awesome fore hip-hop/rap, however, I am not sure how they would sound playing other music (stuff listed above). On the other hand, I think that people generally feel that the MDR-1Rs are better all-rounders. The one thing I am concerned with on the Sony's is the build quality. They are completely made of plastic and I have read about rattling issues because of a lose connection between the cable and the headphone jack.


Are there any suggestions you guys can give me? Do you think the M100s would sound good on the music genres listed above or are the Sony's better? What about the build quality of the Sony's?


I am open to other headphones, however, things I am looking for are: Good Sound Quality, Portability, Aesthetics (shouldn't matter, but it does to me lol) and a price of no more than $300.



Possible other headphones I could think of: V-Moda M80, Sennheiser Momentum


Edit: How are the B&W P5s for the genres I listed?

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I originally posted this in the M-100 discussion in the portable forum:

"Hello fellow head-fiers just wanted to chime in for a moment and express how ecstatic I am to own the m-100.

 I've owned my matte black pair for almost a week now and am blown away by these headphones every time I put them on, as a matter of fact when I'm not wearing them I look forward to wearing them. I feel like I'm 16 again with a new girlfriend, lol.

Seriously, I have been buying, selling, trading headphones for the past couple years and have owned used 
Beyerdynamic T70P and Custom One Pro, Sennheiser HD650, 598, 558, 25-1II and Momentum, Sony mdr-1r, and aiaiai tma-1; with the mdr-1r's holding top honors, out of the fore mentioned headphones, as my favorite.  That was until I tried the m-100.  

All of the previous mentioned cans were great headphones and all had their strengths and weakness and all had something missing.  But the v-moda crossfade m-100 is pure nirvana, imo.  I cannot find a flaw with these headphones; the build quality is ridiculous and they just feel like a premium product.  I have absolutely no problems with the comfort (I have an average size head and ears, btw) and my ears don't touch the drivers at all.  I wore them Saturday on a 5 hour flight to San Diego and have been litening to them everyday.  And finally the sound (imo) is outstanding, I'm in love with the sound of these cans and I have through just about everything at them from rock to bluegrass. I find the sound so engaging and can really feel the music, I suppose from the extra bass extension.  But still having the detail and clarity I expect from headphones.  And the soundstage is just perfect, I feel like I'm in a room surrounded by the music.  Lastly, I just love the looks, especially with the matte black, so stealthy and awesome.

I was curious to see the matte black selling about $20 less than the white/silver and shadow on amazon.  I guess because of supply, I would have just thought the matte black would have been a more popular color option.  Just curious what colors do you folks own?

Anyway, I'm happy, happy, happy! And now a fan of v-moda."

Hope this helps.
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Thanks for the reply :D I was hoping somebody would reassure me on the M100s :D I am really inclined to getting those. Any other opinions?

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I don't think you will make a wrong decision whether you go mdr-1r or m-100. I thoght the search was over with 1r's, actaully I purchased a first pair back in December 2012 and ended up selling them to try the Sennheiser Momentum, they were great headphone, but not very comfortable for me.

I sold the Momentums and purchased another pair of the 1r's as few months ago and thoght I was finally done. I loved the 1r's; comfort cannot be matched, but build wise I was never truly satisfied. I wouldn't say that they are poorly built or made with cheap materials, but I never thought they felt like $300 headphones in hand or on head.

Anyway, I noticed how well the v-moda m-100 was selling on amazon and also noticed the stellar reviews (4.7 out of 5 stars with 200+ reviewers), then I started following the M-100 thread here and further noticed how involved Val Kolton (founder and CEO of V-moda) is in the forums. That really impressed me that he was communicating with the head-fi community in helping develop the m-100. So I ordered them last week and was initially just in awe of the build quality and looks, the cliqfold hinge folding system invoked signs of carefull engineering and then the sound. HOLY COW!!! I was in love at first listen and can only imagine getting better with burn-in. The whole freqency range is everything I could ever ask for and then some. The low extends much further than the 1r's, without being muddy or beats-like. And the detail and clarity is still there, maybe slightly better than the 1r and I have not noticed any sibilance. Mids may be slightly recessed as some have stated, but I haven't really heard it, I think male and female voices sound outstanding. Lastly, I just love the soundstage, can't believe a closed can could have such an open and wide sound. And I have not witnessed any comfort issues that many have reported, but I have an average size head and ears. For someone with large ears there may be a comfort issue, but my ears don't touch the drivers at all. The pads seem very high quality and are very comfy. I would put the comfort of the 1r's higher than the m-100's, but the m-100 is a close second to all the other headphones I have used.

I just cannot express how happy I am with the m-100. My advice to you would be to purchase from a place that has excellent return policy, like amazon, get the m-100 first. I think you will totally satisfied and be done, if not, send them back and exchange for the mdr-1r. Please not that if you want something more neutral, I don't think either will be a good choice for you, maybe more on the line of the Momentum, which I would place as my third choice.

Good luck!
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^^ +1. I own the 1R and have heard great things about both it and the M100s and the Momentums. Buy one from a good seller with a return policy, really you're making a good choice with any of them, they're all brilliant phones.
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Id be the oddball and say get the kef m500 which is much better than the 1r imo.l, only if you like tons out different genres. M100 would likely only best it in bassier genres.
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I am enjoying the M-100's with all genres I throw at it, rap/r&b to bluegrass. Best headphones I've listened to.
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Originally Posted by Maaasih View Post

Thanks for the reply :D I was hoping somebody would reassure me on the M100s :D I am really inclined to getting those. Any other opinions?

IMO you should follow the suggestion of DrGonzo about getting an M100. Those are superb headphones.

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For rap, M100 wins by a mile

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Actually I was confused bet the 1r, moment and the m100 but in the end I ordered the m100 shadow, hope I didn't go wrong smily_headphones1.gif I'm gonna buy the 1r then the momentum in the future anyway but I don't know when, I listen to all genres buy mostly metalcore, electrocore, post-hardcore, and alternative rock smily_headphones1.gif
That's my first post by the way, peace
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The M100s are definitely known to be better for EDM although I've never listened to them. The 1Rs might be better for you as they are a better all rounder
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I collect headphones and i have many of them (momentum, mdr 1r, amperior, dt1350, p5 and many others you can see in my signature..it's all Headfi's fault :-P) but none of them has the sound signature of the m100. There's something so good in their sound i cannot even explain and, when i have to choose which headphones to listen to, i usually choose the m100 :-)

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Fuk dis I was all for getting a set of M100, deffo am now. :L3000:

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Good choise. Better allrounders for your genres ;)

The Sony might be too neutral, while the bassy m100 should please you very well. Hope you like them ^^

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