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Vintage Earphone Mystery

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Hi all, this is a challenge that's been bugging me for years.


I owned (unfortunately briefly) a pair of philips earphones during the mid nineties (I know nearly 20 years ago) and I've been trying to find out what they were called (and possibly obtaining a pair "holy grail result").


They were very unusual in design, an overall teardrop side design with 2 speakers on each, one main and a secondary for noise cancellation. I haven't been able to find a flaming picture of them on the internet and there are pictures of everything on the internet.


Can anyone out there help me, I know this is kind of a idiotic search but I'd loved them but had them stolen during a trip to Amsterdam back in 1996.


I was convinced they were called Quadraphonic technology but I could be wrong there.



cheers all



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Hi thunderbinky...


Something like the HN060 maybe??

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Not that set, the ones in question had a very unusual design

Thanks though

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