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Volume Control DAC with Toslink

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Hey all,

Recently, I tried the direct DAC to power amp method (connecting the DAC to the power amp, removing the preamp from the signal path) and absolutely loved it, so I've decided to get a DAC that can be used as a replacement for my current preamp that has everything I need. This DAC will be going from a number of different sources (mostly toslink) to a Emotiva XPA-200 to a pair of Thiel CS 1.6 speakers. I'd like it to have a dedicated volume control that is handled digitally, and be at least 24 bit (32 bit is a big bonus). A remote control is also a big bonus, as well as multiple toslink inputs, though if it only has one, I will simply get an external hub/selector (recommendations for those are also welcome). I'd like to spend a few hundred dollars, but will go up to around $500 (flexible if it hits all the right marks).


I've been looking at some stuff from AudioGD, though don't really know the difference between them. Also, are there any US suppliers for AudioGD stuff, or will I have to buy from China?


Here are the ones I was looking at:









Obviously, this is only one company, and I welcome suggestions from other companies as well.

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Are you sure that these will give  a variable line out?  It looks like they feed an internal headphone amp with its own volume control but I would not expect this to control the line out. I do note what looks like a "gain" control but this looks like  a button.


Otherwise I have no idea where you would find what you want in a DAC.  I did have some old CD players with variable outputs.

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I would think that at least ones with remote control volume would support a variable line out (I can't imagine controlling a headphone amp with a remote control), but you're right, I made that assumption without any real support to back that up. I'll keep that in mind. Some of the ones I've chosen were listed as "DAC, headphone amp, preamp", would that suggest support for a variable line out (at least the preamp part)?

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