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Hello everybody!
I just joined Head Fi and i wanted to stop by and introduce myself. Stefan is my name (Username Mr Tinkertrain) and i'm a music and home cinema lover.

About two weeks ago i started to look for a pair of head phones by reading reviews on the internet and stumbled across Head Fi. A great forum i must say and a gold mine for me!

I'm going to store my CD collection on my laptop, so i'm looking for a good pair of head phones and a usb dac headphone amp.
I haven't decided yet but Sennheiser Momentum and Meridian Explorer seems very interesting but so do many others.
I need to listen to them first.

Anyway. I'm looking forward to this wonderful musical journey here on Head Fi!

/Mr Tinkertrain aka Stefan.

Ps. Btw. I'm a musician (bass player) and i'm from Sweden.