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So long story short. I ran across some Hifi man HE5LE's for a fair price. So I decided to snag them. Don't regret it. Except jesus f&#^ing christ I don't know what to do to drive them! I have spent roughly... 70+ hours now reading every post, from front to back on every audio whatever site you could imagine for these headphones. After all that. I have determined that since I plan on making a full system some day. I may as well as bite the bullet and get an integrated stereo amp. Everyone seems to agree they sound best off a speaker amp tap. Which is fine, as I plan on getting a passive speaker system down the pike. 


Here's my problem though, my brain is a noodle now. Scouring this site plus endless others learning about ortho headphones has sapped my noggin. Since I fought and consumed so much headphone knowledge, I felt weathered. A vet, medals and all. When I opened that door with the nice innocent white label "stereo amp options" I was flooded with more than I can handle. So here I am asking you guys for help, advice, input!


Here's what I need. Obviously something that can drive the HE5LE's, but can be expanded to nice desktop system as well. I don't need a DAC. I have a titanium HD with the burr dac and that's fine for now. I prefer to keep the DAc and AMP separate anyway for ease of upgrading. The more neutral sounding, the better! 500 bucks or less would be nice.


Thing's I've found thus far that may be options:


aMrantz Model 1060B

SANSUI AU-717 and 15


Marantz PM5004

Teac A-1D

HK 3390



Please help, I haven't slept in 37 hours now...deadhorse.gif

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