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they say that the driver is smaller
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Interesting, didn't see these coming. I like the new color schemes and wish the original Momentums had the same options. In the end though, the originals will probably be a better buy for the audiophile crowd here on HF. Funny a lot of reviewers consider the originals to be On-Ear as well.

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Anybody knows which website that offer shipping to Asia, Singapore?

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Got the ivory one in Paris yesterday, these sound identical to the bigger brother. It is comfy but after 1 hour my ear starts to hurt.
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so you have the old model too?
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I auditioned both
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I love how the Blue and Cream/Ivory looks!!!!

BUT, I'm PRETTY SURE I will hate their comfort even though the pads look good...

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I'd be interested in hearing if anyone could compare their sound profile to a set of HD 25-1 ii (similar form factor at least). Are they closer to the over-ear momentums or to the HD 25-1 ii?

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Ironic, to see people refer to a new model of Sennheiser headphones as "unveiled" (as in post-veiled, mayhaps?).


Originally Posted by davidzomec View Post

In terms of colours I think the Black-Red over ear Momentum beats them all.

According to the OP's review, that same combination will be available for the on-ear model in the winter season:


Trusted Review: Momentum On-Ears



Sennheiser employed colour specialists to pick out the cream, pistachio, blue and pink shades the £169.99 headphones will initially ship in.

These form the Momentum On-Ear’s summer shades, with a winter collection teased by Sennheiser for later this year.

The ‘winter’ collection will likely include black and red colours a little closer in style to the original Momentum headphones, so you may want to hold fire if initially cheery colours aren’t gloomy enough for your tastes.


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Originally Posted by gelocks View Post

I love how the Blue and Cream/Ivory looks!!!!

BUT, I'm PRETTY SURE I will hate their comfort even though the pads look good...


Everything I've read suggests this model is more comfortable than the original Momentums.  Another reviewer mentioned one might "look like a prat" wearing them, but he seemed to be talking about all on-ear headphones (and perhaps the shape of his own recalcitrant skull).


The sound, however, is another consideration. 

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Well, I have the original "Over-ear" Momentum's on the way... If I decide to get one of these on-ears, I'll definitely chime in. Right now, the most comfortable on-ears I've tried are the new-ish KEF M500s and still after 3 hours it begins to hurt... (I use glasses, and spend most of my work day with headphones on ;))

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Hey guys, this headphone just arrived recently in my hometown and I was surprised when I try the demo set( not yet burn-in). I can compare Momentum On-Ear to V-Moda Crossfade M-80 and Beats HD Solo which I think in the same league of Bass heavy headphone," Yes The Bass in On-Ear Momentum is very very Heavy and elevated". Firstly, The kind of impression that I get from it is that " Oh I'm there", it feels as if you're there in the live perfomance, very INVOLVING, and IMMERSIVE but those Basshead out there will be more than satisfied as the Bass quality of the Momentum does not muddled up the rest of the range(mids and highs) instead they are cooperating. Moreover, the clarity is almost as good as the big brother Over-Ear style( I have one and been using for a year) and the sound signature of Over-Ear Momentum is more towards warm sounding and similar to HD650 in sound quality.However, the On-Ear Momentum is heading towards the dark sounding of V-Moda M-80. Furthermore,In comparison to Beats Solo HD which is slightly more expensive, I think the Momentum are far much better in terms of sound quality. The Bass is very solid in Momentum and you can feel the hair at the back of your neck is standing and it has a sufficient separation despite the Bass elevated signature. I can conclude that On-Ear Momentum is aiming towards Bassheads". In terms of Comfort, I think the On-Ear Momentum is the most comfortable on-ear headphone I have ever put on my head,it is far more comfortable than the Big Brother Over-Ear. However, I might warn those people out there with Big heads to probably try this headphone before ordering this as the headphone is rather small and the adjustable sliding metal at the side is rather short and I can see that its towards the end when I'm using the headphone( my head can be considered as rather slightly big). The controltalk is made of plastic and very light, so the connector but a huge plus there because they are very light. Surprisingly, I think this headphone is very stylish and sleek without being obnoxious. In Conclusion, I think Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear is a true winner for the design, comfort, and sound quality as well as price. If I have to choose between HD Solo, M-80 and Momentum On-Ear. I would grab the Momentum at the same price point. I like the sound quality of M-80 but again the comfort of On-Ear momentum just give me a huge plus there. And guys you must try this! I am more than satisfied to grab one of this for my portable headphone.

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They are closer to V-Moda M-80 and HD25. The Bass is more agressive than Amperior tough.

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Originally Posted by iSennheiser View Post

They are closer to V-Moda M-80 and HD25. The Bass is more agressive than Amperior tough.


Completely agree with this! The bass is very aggressive. It is really surprising given that the original Momentum is such a laid back can.


Just posted up a first impressions video I did with some friends...
There is now an impressions thread for the On-Ears so I posted in there:
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