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Philips Fidelio L2 ?

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Sept edition of hifi news is reviewing it

described as a revised version of the L1.
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Soooo, sooner or later a Fidelio X2 will be incoming as well I guess 

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I saw a picture of the L2 in another magazine. Seems like a new black color with red or orange stiching on the headband. Like the black Momentums. Looked pretty good.
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Basically , L1 + less bass + M1 headband + ugly orange detailing = L2

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What magazine did you see this review in? Was it in July?

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September it seems ( as abbreviated in first post ) looks like on stands now I guess since Astroid posted a picture.

I'll be checking a store here tomorrow for it. Thanks.  BTW I dig the orange accents. reminds me of the old Audio Technica ATH-2 but nicer obviously.


Is that an orange cable i see also?!?

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Yes orange cable, when i heard the L1 i thought the bass was a bit much, sounds like the L2 will be more my thing (sound wise at least).

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It's a Philips Fidelio so I assume it will be available sometime in 2015?

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^   I bet you are right, and nowhere locally for we Canucks to try firsthand. Perfect. But Philips lightbulbs and other electronics are everywhere.  Maybe we can get Headphonebar to consider carrying them, though that doesn't help with testing either.

Or am I mistaken is there a local type store that has any of the fidelio lineup currently that you know of?



 just read that article pretty useless really other than the insight into the bass.  What the heck is the picture of the M1 doing where the L2 is supposed to be. these guys get paid to write this filler....  Thanks for finding it anyhow.

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It's out!

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The aesthetic design means very little when compared to sound quality, that being said, these are some "sexy" cans.

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firsthand impressions posted with L1 side by side

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The pads don't look replaceable again.

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My third post on Head-Fi was to say I bought the L1.   ( )


This time I'm posting to say I just bought the L2. (I live in HK so we get it sooner)


Funny story.  Last week I noticed in a shop the Philips L2 and I thought to myself "I didn't even know they were making this". So I went back home and did some research and found out that some people say it's better than the L1.  So I said to myself, "When my L1s bite the dust I'll perhaps buy the L2s", YESTERDAY my L1s broke (the cable dangling from the left headphone cup broke, which makes it difficult to fix).  So I gave my L1s to my daughter (so she could play about with them or whatever) and today I went to try out some portable headphones.  


I tried the V-Moda M100, Sennheiser Momentum and Beyer DT 1350.


I liked the Beyer 1350 sound, but it got uncomfortable very quickly.

I liked the V-Moda M100 isolation and sound in general, but the bass was a little too much.

I liked the Momentum's comfort, but I generally didn't like the sound (personally at least).

I liked the Philips L2 sound and comfort (little bit bass heavy, but not like the M100), but it wasn't the best with isolation.


Since I already have had the L1 for so long and know what to expect isolation wise, I decided to buy the L2.


Somethings I've noticed right off the bat:


1. There's no cables running from the cups to the band anymore (this is good, one less thing to worry about/wear out/break).

2. The cable doesn't dangle down from the left cup anymore (this is GREAT because it'll be harder to break, and this part is what killed my L1s in the end).

3. The headband is a little thinner (and more uncomfortable) than the L1's.  This isn't too bad though.

4. The pads (as before) are NOT replaceable.  This isn't great because my L1s would come apart at the seam... not a huge problem for me because I'm trained in leatherwork (they're not leather, but same principle) and I can easily fix it... this might be trouble for some.

5. The screws holding the cups to the... cup holder (?) are seemingly orange plastic instead of metal.  Not sure if this will cause durability problems.

6. The grill on the back of the cups is bigger and the mesh holes are larger... this is GREAT for me because the L1 would frequently catch on my beard hairs (PAINFUL).

7. There isn't an edition number anymore (I had 00107 on the L1, which was pretty cool).

8. The in line mic/control is made of some sort of bright orange rubber.  My controller on the L1 broke so let's see how well this works.

9. Talking about the controller... there's no volume control (unless I'm missing something of course)



Sound wise it seems a little better than the L1.  I'd have to try both together to be sure. So I won't comment much about the sound other than to say it seems good to my ears anyway.

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Not sure whether to get these or the K545
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