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For Sale: Stax 007mk1

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For Sale:
Stax 007mk1

Will Ship To: CONUS

Selling my longest-owned pair of 007mk1's (set on the left).  Earpads have been replaced in the last few months.  Price includes shipping in CONUS but not paypal fees.  The arcs probably need to be bent more to properly fit ones head, actually, the headpad (headband) is a little bent.  It can still fit the head well but one might want to replace it, this (plus not enjoying flipping) is the reason for the low sale price. 


More pictures can be furnished to those with genuine interest (and moneys.)


For those who aren't familiar with STAX products, a brief history is in order from their wiki:


Stax: A History

Brief Stax Timeline
1938 - Founding of Stax
1950 - First electrostatic earspeaker made on a drunken dare
1995 - Plagued by lackluster sales and malaria, Stax shutters its doors
1996 - Breakthrough Stax discovery shows that door-closing is an ineffectual quarantine method against the spread of virulent diseases.  
1997 - Surviving employees reform Stax Ltd. with an emphasis on clean rooms.  These rooms have rigorous standards of health and cleanliness such as not containing third world contaminants.  All Stax cafeteria workers now wear hairnets.  This does not stop Wednesday's mystery meat from being gross.
2012 - Stax nearly bankrupts itself producing its most advanced product ever, the first electrostatic hearing aid for aging baby boomers.  Sound is found to be too ethereal and paranoid octogenarians are convinced ghosts are talking to them.  The suicide rate (already high from having to eat thousands of grains of rice with chopsticks) doubles among the elderly overnight.  This prompts Hollywood to step in, as elderly Japanese are an important Japanese export as mentor figures in kung-fu movies and people who tell Leonardo DiCaprio that they are old and full of regrets in the "deliberately confusing so it must be good" genre.
2013 - Stax is bought out by Deifier, a parent company that stresses the godlike, unquestionably perfect nature of its products.  

Origami Story
STAX (or as it's referred to in Japan, "Kristi Yamaguchi") is a notorious party company famous for developing hairbrained, convoluted solutions to non-existent problems.  Founded by a former employee of the Acme Corporation, (As-Seen-On-TV) Karaoke Hibachi,  Stax, like many headphone companies, got it's start designing navigation systems for kamikaze.  
Originally meant for standard aircraft, Stax Industrial Navigational Systems (or SINS) would invariably cause aircraft to crash and burn, which could be an inconvenience. Luckily, the kamikaze program was just getting off the ground and looking for a program that could do just that as their well-trained pilots were inept at failure.  Stax managed to pass off the unintentionally catastrophic as intentionally devastating and thus managed to obtain their first government contract, ensuring a profitable couple of years.  During this time Stax also pioneered the first GPS instructional voice (though they used radar at the time) to tell pilots where to fly to reach the mutual demise of themselves and their enemies.  It was this very voice that the British later used for the Daleks in their classic sci-fi show Dr. Whom.
After the war ended, Stax wisely deduced that the world would not need inconsistent GPS-like services until at least the mid-90's, so Hibachi and Co. decided to branch out.  They started manufacturing famously thin and porous diaphragms which were the laughingstock of the birth control industry.  After an accidental materials mix-up, the classic story of the first electrostatic headphone was born.  
Drunken Karaoke
Karaoke was an avid listener and drunk, chiefly at the same time. It was well-known that if you wanted him to give a project his time, he needed to be liquored up a bit first.  Thus it was that instead of sending back the odd film they had received, he took a dare to turn it into headphones.  
During this time period, Stax was annointed "#1 party headphone company" by a poll in U.S. News and World Report.  To that end, they decided to name their headphones after fraternities they wished they could get into but couldn't weather the initiation rituals.  The Sigma Theta Delta's were a best-seller until the 80's when STD's were unfairly maligned by a sensationalist media.  
The Omegle Series
In the 20th century, Stax released their flagship Omega series of headphones, the Omega 1 (with matching T2 amp) that redefined how three people listened to music, the Omega 2 which re-re-defined it to the great ire of Ms. Miriam Webster, and were on the precipice of the Omega 3 to re-re-redefine it when a a wave of suicides took place in the engineering department.  The oddest thing about the whole affair was the impeccable grammar used in the suicide notes when the engineers were notorious for horrible spelling.  They were later deemed possible foul play but no culprits or motive has yet been found.
It has been speculated that Stax distilled the essence of what Omega 3 sounds like into pill form.  This rumour has never been denied so it is probably true.  
The Devil's in the Detail
It has been conjectured that before its newest release, Stax made a pact with the devil to allow them to produce the most detailed headphone in existence.  In return, the devil (an avid pescetarian due to its close kinship with Steve Jobs) only asked for their sole.  It is hard to discredit this theory as mere heresy when these two irrefutable facts exist:
1) The 009 are widely considered the most detailed headphones in existence
2) There is no sole at the Stax headquarters 
Stax Not Invited to Third Party
In a confusing double-standard, Stax ingenuity and technical prowess is praised as being nonpareil when it comes to electrostatic transducers but shunted to the side when talking electrostatic headphone amplification.  Initially Stax was very insulted as they figured the third party was like the after-after-after party, but they have since obtained a translator who made it clear, in no uncertain terms, that they were totally invited but the invitation must have gotten lost in the mail.  
The topic of the best amplification for Stax Earspeakers is a hotly debated one among those trying to avoid life and its harsh realities.  These nocturnal denizens of the internet are easily identifiable by the distinctive black markings (or "bags") under their eyes, their telltale raspy vocal intonation (hoarse from yelling at their computer screens,) and their obsessive immersion in insignificant minutiae of obscure niche hobbies in a desperate bid to avoid life's larger questions.  Their mating habits are indeterminate as they have yet to procreate.  Most proponents of evolution think this is a good thing.
The Future and Beyond
Since being bought out by a Chinese monolith, wild theories have careened unchecked on the information superhighway.  Stax put a rest to these rumours in 2013 when they announced their first post-buyout product, the world's first electrostatic earplugs.  They are expected to have an astonishingly low noise floor and add almost no distortion to the signal. If this is a sign of things to come, the future of STAX seems bright indeed.

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Hmm, you should write a book.

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Oh believe me, I have.  All the editors just think I'm too "creepy" and for some reason that's "problematic" for children's books.  It's all politics.

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Congratulations! A remarkable classified. 

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Dammit.  I've got my "end-game" setup.  (In large part to Radio_head, BTW.)  


Out of principle, I'm close grabbing these Mk I.  Bonus points for the Albrecht Durer-like Godzilla pic!

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Great price.  Really tempting, since the headphone bug bit me again and I recently picked up a KGSS!

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Great deal. I would buy them if I hadn't recently bought a pair.

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