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For Sale: Matched pair/quad of NOS Telefunken E88CC

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For Sale:
Matched pair/quad of NOS Telefunken E88CC

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I have 4 matched quads or 8 matched pairs of Telefunken E88CC that I want to sell. They are all NOS, made in Germany with gold pins and diamond logo.

Pristine condition, with less than 5 minutes usage each, mainly for testing purpose. These tubes were extremely well matched to 5%.

There is no need to introduce about these gems. Truly the Holy Grail of 6dj8/6922/ECC88/E88CC family.
Especially well matched with Cavalli, Schiit amps or any tube amp that calls for the mentioned family.

The only reason I am selling is I am already settled with tube rolling and want clear out my stash to make room for other project.

Price is $245/pair or $480/quad. Plus shipping and Paypal fee.
Please note that I am not in the US so shipping might take 2 weeks to arrive.

Feel free to PM me about these.

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You sold E88CC?



Please PM

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I would strongly recommend that anyone interested in these please consider the following before attempting a purchase: 

a. I purchased a pair of these for $265 (including shipping to Europe) and they have a very loud buzz/hum in both tubes which renders listening with them impossible, both for the ears and perhaps even the amp
b. I PMd user various times and have not received a single response in 7 weeks, despite online activity by the user at least 5 times in that period

I am very disappointed



On the off-chance that there are mitigating circumstances, I will happily apologise and eat some humble pie. I am not in the habit of leaving negative feedback and I will pursue all possible means for an amicable resolution. 

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